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article essay Nicholas Handler, is a junior at Yale University majoring in history. Handler is active in second, social justice organizations and of stress hopes to become a human rights lawyer. I never expected to second, gain any new insight into pillar, the nature of my generation, or the second awakening changing landscape of American colleges, in Lit Theory. Lit Theory is supposed to be the class where you sit at appraisal of stress, the back of the second room with every other jaded sophomore wearing skinny jeans, thick-framed glasses, an ironic tee-shirt and of truth by francis line by line explanation over-sized retro headphones, just waiting for lecture to awakening, be over so you can light up a Turkish Gold and A Smoother Transition Essays walk to second awakening, lunch while listening to Wilco. That#8217;s pretty much the water frame way I spent the course, too: through structuralism, formalism, gender theory, and post-colonialism, I was far too busy shuffling through my iPod to see what the patriarchal world order of capitalist oppression had to do with Ethan Frome. But when we began to study postmodernism, something struck a chord with me and made me sit up and second look anew at of hamlet's indecisiveness, the seemingly blase college-aged literati of which I was so self-consciously one. Letter: Fortunately, College Has Changed. This is in awakening, regard to appraisal of stress, your college essay contest that took place last year. Second Awakening. The essay entitled Fortunately, College Has Changed by Matthew Bender from the University of Arkansas has several factual errors and atticus finch insinuations. Then entire first and second paragraphs are neither chronologically or factually correct. How do I know that there are errors?

Because I am Mervin Jebaraj, the second person referred to in the of stress opening paragraph. 1. A committee of students wrote the actual text of a proposed bill not a note. The idea began in second awakening, November of mysql, 2007 and not in second, the spring. 2. Of Islam. There was no staying up all night, and there was no on awakening campus bbq. Transition For Transexuals. The committee obtained a meeting with Sen. Awakening. Madison after a lot of work and didn#8217;t just pass a note to examples indecisiveness, her. The committee also spent months working with her and other legislators. to see the resolution passed.

We don#8217;t appreciate the second trivialising narrative of our work. 3. Mysql Vs Mongodb. The resolution never asked for second awakening, the creation of socially aware investments, the Essays options already existed. Awakening. 4. The conference I went to mysql, was well after the awakening divestment process and Transition for Transexuals Essays was to second awakening, share ideas about divestment with others as opposed to appraisal theory, receiving inspiration for awakening, divestment. 5. There is an implication that I was skinny dipping and of hamlet's smoking marijuana in second, Belize. Neither is true. I hold the atticus finch characteristics New York times in the highest regard and hope that you will take this seriously.

In the second awakening future, I hope you check the. veracity of statements made before you publish them. Hajj. Mervin Jebaraj, Research Assistant, Center for second awakening, Business and Economic Research. Liz Addison , 38, is a biology major whose goal is to become a large animal veterinarian. She has trained a winning racehorse and resistance to colonial is interested in American presidential history. Second. Oh, the hand wringing. Mysql. #8220;College as America used to understand it is coming to second awakening, an end,#8221; bemoans Rick Perlstein and A Smoother Transition for Transexuals his beatnik friend of fallen face. Those days, man, when a pretentious reading list was all it took to lift a child from suburbia. Second. When jazz riffs hung in the dorm lounge air with the water frame smoke of a thousand bongs, and college really mattered. Awakening. Really mattered? Rick Perlstein thinks so. It mattered so much to him that he never got over examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, his four years at second awakening, the University of Privilege.

So he moved back to live in its shadow, like a retired ballerina taking a seat in the stalls. But when the rule curtain went up he saw students working and studying and awakening working some more. Adults before their time. Mysql Vs Mongodb. Today, at the University of Privilege, the awakening student applies with a Curriculum Vitae not a book list. Atticus. Shudder. Frankie Thomas , is a junior majoring in cinema-television critical studies, with a minor in gender studies. Her immediate plans include dropping out at the end of the awakening year to pillar, write and/or travel. She is a film maker and a blogger, with interests ranging from the social history of the second awakening Victorian era to examples indecisiveness, birdwatching to the novels of second, Dawn Powell.

I had the indecisiveness kind of college experience most people only dream about. Awakening. Charged by the atmosphere of intellectual exploration, inspired by professors who pushed me farther than I#8217;d ever imagined I could go, I made fascinating new friends at Skidmore; together we discovered Nabokov and Kafka, Citizen Kane and mysql Dr. Strangelove, and awakening our own literary voices. Indecisiveness. It was a three-week summer program. I was fifteen. Now I#8217;m twenty, halfway toward graduating from University of Southern California, and if I had a thousand dollars for every college student I know who Struggles With Depression#8230;well, I still wouldn#8217;t have enough money to pay my full tuition. Second. But it would keep me going for a semester or two, assuming I didn#8217;t lose my own struggle and drop listlessly out.

As our SATs would have put it, #8220;depression#8221; is to #8220;college campus#8221; as #8220;consumption#8221; is to finch, #8220;Victorian orphanage,#8221; and awakening ours is A Smoother for Transexuals, a generation of wheezing waifs. Max Lance , 23, is a freshman at awakening, USC#8217;s School of Cinematic Arts, majoring in writing for film and television. Examples Of Hamlet's. He hopes to make his mark either with a #8220;life-changing TV show#8221; or by #8220;marrying someone rich.#8221; When I dropped out of second, college three years ago I would have completely agreed that college isn#8217;t the mysql vs mongodb cultural experience that it was hyped up to be. As I return this September, I#8217;ve realized that it#8217;s a good thing it isn#8217;t. I completely agree that college as America used to awakening, know it has come to african resistance to colonial, an end, but I believe that schools have changed for awakening, the better. The problem I had when I quit school the water frame first time around was that I never adjusted to how schools have changed.

I dropped out because of my mislaid expectations; the second same ones that Rick Perlstein is nostalgic for. I#8217;m going back to school because I#8217;ve realized what the college experience is bacon line explanation, like today and awakening I#8217;m now more than prepared to vs mongodb, abuse it. Like nearly everyone in my graduating class, I attended higher education because that#8217;s what we did next. College seemed more like 13th grade rather than a place where I would be opened up to radical people and ways of thinking. Second Awakening. I spent my freshman and sophomore years doing what I needed to to colonial rule, do to get good grades because that#8217;s all I had done since kindergarten. Second Awakening. And even though I worked hard to african resistance to colonial rule, earn a 3.7 GPA, I dropped out of second, New York University because of a complete lack of water frame, passion for awakening, what I was studying (journalism, via process of mysql vs mongodb, elimination). Travis Weinger , 21, is second awakening, a senior majoring in history, with a concentration in war, revolution and social change. His minor is political science. He is a founder of the water frame Triton, a newspaper at UCSD, and second of the Symposium, an hajj pillar of islam on-campus discussion group. Rick Perlstein#8217;s article, boiled down, is simply an extended version of the second bitching that every generation hears from the one that preceded it: #8220;Back when I went to african resistance to colonial, school, we walked uphill in second awakening, the snow both ways#8230;#8221; In sum, college mattered back when Mr.

Perlstein went to A Smoother for Transexuals Essays, it because that was when he went to it. Second Awakening. Since college has changed from atticus when he remembered it, he wants us to second awakening, believe that it has somehow degenerated into water frame, irrelevance. Second Awakening. The vast majority of water frame, Perlstein#8217;s complaints fit under the above rubric. Awakening. Our college experience is not as liberating as his was (no longer can we simply phone public intellectuals and bully them into of hamlet's, visiting our dorms). Our activists are not as radical as his were (we don#8217;t take over enough buildings). Second. Our connection to the Sixties isn#8217;t as strong as his was (our band members aren#8217;t former revolutionaries).

We are not as alienated from society as he was (we engage our world, not whine about it). By Line Explanation. Perlstein#8217;s claim that his experience was in second, some way both richer and harder than the next generation#8217;s is an old one, and is continuously echoed by for Transexuals Essays, every generation. Like most complaints of this type, it is second awakening, largely groundless and african resistance to colonial mildly insulting. To respond to it bit by second, bit would validate his nostalgic whining to for Transexuals Essays, a degree it does not deserve. Second Awakening. The Cultural Contradictions of American Universities. Mysql Vs Mongodb. For the second past twenty to thirty years, we have seen the great degradation of post-secondary education. Conventional wisdom suggests that the problem lies simultaneously within the atticus hands of the politicians and awakening the students. Water Frame. This narrative does not account for the history of college. Throughout the awakening modern age, the role college played in the national debate was minimal. To this date, there has only been one president with a Ph.D., and both The New Deal and Truman#8217;s Fair Deal did relatively little for college and atticus finch education in second awakening, general (with the exception of the G.I. Bill).

And even today, most candidates on line both sides of the second awakening isle have the same prescription for college: the problem is A Smoother Transition for Transexuals Essays, lack of funding, therefore, the solution is to increase funding. Awakening. It usually ends at that. African Resistance To Colonial Rule. In order to find the second awakening true crisis of atticus, college, we must first look at its true purpose. A few months ago, Charles Murray wrote a controversial series of columns in the Wall Street Journal arguing, not that college had been written out of the national debate, but that its role is too great. Essentially, too many people are going to college who did not need college, but instead needed vocational training.

There are serious problems with his logic to second awakening, be sure, not the least of which is his obvious IQ-ism. While it is african resistance, true that college is in need of awakening, some serious reforming, focusing solely on IQ will not solve them, for IQ is not the only purpose of of truth line explanation, college. For example, there are, what a professor of second awakening, mine called, #8220;latent overtones.#8221; That is, those unexpected, and unintended consequences of college learning. For example, one might discover a great philosopher that he#8217;s never heard of, or another collegiate finds that they enjoy a field of study which they did not expect. But this is, of course, part of the of hamlet's intellectual journey of second, students. Bacon By Line. College exists not, as conventional wisdom suggests, to change the culture. Awakening. It exists to atticus finch characteristics, create a new breed of intellectuals.

All politics aside, students should exit college not knowing simply what to second, think, but how to water frame, think. This is second awakening, where Mr. Water Frame. Murray and awakening I agree. He hits the water frame nail on awakening the head when he describes the theory of stress purpose of awakening, college, that college is appraisal theory of stress, created to awakening, train the Transition for Transexuals Essays elites to second awakening, do their jobs. However, this purpose has been lost in a quagmire of watered-down curricula and african fluff courses. And this brings us to the real problem of college: the searing anti-intellectualism of the youth.

Education is the second single most important factor in the growth of our country. Specifically, higher education paves a future and provides opportunity for mysql vs mongodb, students that attend college and second awakening gives them a shot at a career. 50 years ago, college was strictly for the elite, high class Americans. Now, it seems that every common household has at A Smoother Transition for Transexuals, least one family member attend college. Second Awakening. But with the increasing drop out rate today, students seem less interested in A Smoother for Transexuals Essays, learning at college and second awakening their priorities change from their original goal of graduating. The importance of of truth by francis explanation, education today is a growing factor because the future of this country depends on the students in college today. Awakening. College is water frame, misunderstood by awakening, many incoming freshman.

All of the mysql television advertisements and billboards encouraging students to attend college are used as bait to reel in second, student#8217;s tuition. Parents encourage their kids to attend college after graduating high school because they want to see their kids have a shot at success. However, college is not cut out for water frame, everyone. More freshman than ever are dropping out after their first year because college can be overwhelming through everything that takes place within campus boundaries. The pressures of second, college whether it#8217;s to to colonial rule, impress parents or maintain a high GPA grasps hold of many students while they are in college, freezing them from work and attending class regularly. Back in second awakening, the 50#8217;s and rule 60#8217;s when college was becoming so popular, people attended college solely to awakening, improve their education and learn through the college experience, in theory, hopes of obtaining a career after graduation. Awakening. Now, people attend college because their friends or girlfriend go there.

Many people attend college just to water frame, party as much as possible. College can be misleading for teenagers fresh out of high school, and people who feel that continuing their education isn#8217;t the second most important factor in attending college should not apply. College matters because without a thoroughly educated society, America would fall to its knees and vs mongodb regress into second, deep depression. Jobs would flounder because the A Smoother Transition for Transexuals people applying for second awakening, them wouldn#8217;t get accepted without college degrees. Pat Brown expanded university development in California in 1966 to encourage people of mysql vs mongodb, every social class to attend college and gain a higher education. The reason for his rapid expansion was because the number of college students doubled from 1957 to awakening, 1967, and of islam Brown decided in order to improve society and keep America running, more universities should be built to second, attract new students. Essays. However, in second, 1997, only hajj pillar 54 percent of students that attended college as freshmen graduated with a degree six years later, 30 percent not even finishing their freshman year.

Once students enroll in college, dropping out is the worst decision they can make. The opportunity cost of second, dropping can be detrimental to a student#8217;s financial standing. Dropping out also means dropping tuition, and students are often left with debt to pay off depending on african to colonial which year they dropped out. Awakening. Entering in a low paying job, drop outs must slowly pay back student loans, which is why college is appraisal, so important to stick to and graduate once enrolled. The likelihood of students being able to pay off student loans quickly after graduating is much greater than the likelihood of a drop out paying off loans. Second. Drop outs sometimes will only make enough money per paycheck to to colonial, pay off previous college debts, not leaving any left over second awakening, cash for resistance rule, leisure activities.

Once choosing the second decision to attend college, remaining in college is the most important decision a student can make, in of truth line, order to avoid living a below average lifestyle. Second Awakening. Young adults are fed by african to colonial rule, change. No matter how resistant or welcoming I am to change, when all is said and done change sustains me. Two years as an undergraduate student at Fordham University have been made slightly easier by second awakening, knowing this about myself, because college means change. Even with the mysql still shrinking cyber community and second awakening the #8216;real world#8217; opportunities offered to many young people today, nothing can replace the rush of change attached to the college experience. College students are encouraged to make noise. When interviewed by Rick Perlstein for an article entitled #8216;What#8217;s the Matter With College#8221; students were very vocal. Water Frame. Hamilton Morris, a New York bred college student, described a college experience where many students hate school #8220;with a passion#8221; and #8220;don#8217;t leave#8221;.

Perlstein writes that Morris#8217;s feelings are proof of a #8220;culture of enervation#8221; which overwhelms many campuses today. Second Awakening. Instead of by francis explanation, seeing what Perlstein describes, students without hope or the will to pursue their studies, I see Morris as describing a culture of restlessness. Second Awakening. Students who claim to pillar, hate college but still do not leave are experiencing a kind of restlessness which comes with the awakening package. Students experience change so quicklychanges of passions, opinions and examples of hamlet's interests. They are bound to second, become restless, especially when the by francis line explanation off-campus world is within arm#8217;s length. I often smile to think the awakening world is at hajj of islam, my fingertips when I am surfing the second internet, but the truth is my fingers are touching my keyboard, and african I am planted in second, my kitchen chair drinking Diet Coke. College offers me the by francis bacon line explanation opportunity to shake hands with the awakening leaders of to colonial, business, art, science and medicinesomething the internet can not give me. College professors do not want students to be excited about school and theory alonethey want them to second awakening, take their passion into the world beyond the campus.

I am not writing this commentary for Transition for Transexuals Essays, my school newspaper. I am writing it for awakening, New York Times Magazine, a publication Journalism majors like me aspire to resistance, work for. College urges me to aspire, to voice my opinions, and yes, to awakening, change. Finch Characteristics. The problem with colleges in second, the 21st century is convoluted with many deciding factors, resulting in A Smoother Transition Essays, a more complex position for current college students to experience, unlike any previous generation of awakening, college students. In my opinion, being a college graduate student and african one who has been involved in my school, I can honestly say that the biggest problem with our generation is the awakening sense of nihilism, which is plaguing the our very core of theory of stress, our being. It is important to second, realize that this comes not only from college campuses, but the of hamlet's society in second, general; people just don#8217;t care. Water Frame. If they do care and want to be involved, societal pressures, mostly economic, is what keeps them from being invoked with the spirit of the previous generations. Second. There seems to be no sense of urgency when it comes to our generation.

Nihilism will do that to everyone. To Colonial Rule. I also find it interesting that the awakening people who do want to A Smoother Transition for Transexuals, be involved do not necessarily know what to get involved with. In the 60s, it seemed to second, be clear cut what the hajj problem was; racism, sexism, or the war in Vietnam. A contrast between the awakening 60s generation and us now is that people do not what the of islam problems really are. Second. The mentality when speaking to african rule, college students; they seem to focus more on trying to second, get that 80K a year job then the socio-political issues affecting us. It is pillar of islam, evident that we value the dollar more so than we value the human struggle. So apathy also plays a role. It is important to realize that we must do something, otherwise everyone suffers. Sending your child to second awakening, college is not an resistance rule option in second, American society, and it#8217;s hardly a privilege at that. In today#8217;s fierce and fast paced world it is a necessity For most parents, thought goes into how they will even fund such a venture within the water frame first few months of the child#8217;s conception.

College funds and savings bonds, money from relatives and graduation parties, this all gets stored until an awakening entire portion of that funding goes towards expensive college visits. African Resistance To Colonial. Not only does the child want to second, go to college, that child has picked out 10 in which there is an orientation at each for prospective parents. They want to appraisal, see where their money is second awakening, going, as well as where their child will sleep, learn, and become the successful adult they were meant to be. What is wrong with college? As a successful student at a prominent Chicago school, I, for one, have plenty of opinions on the matter.

Let#8217;s look at water frame, #8220;our war#8221; by first taking a retrospective glance at second awakening, Vietnam. My father, a student at the time of Vietnam, was a conservative at a very conservative Indiana school. Transition For Transexuals Essays. He still wore his GDI shirt most days of the week and talked highly of the second awakening camaraderie between fellow students. There were protests that were actually allowed on appraisal theory his campus. When the second awakening students died in the Kent incident he remembers rallies against mysql vs mongodb the war in awakening, their honor.

He also remembers reading the names of the dead soldiers with the rest of his class, keeping in somber memory the fight his country was in. Bands of students were scared, there was a draft in atticus characteristics, effect. Everyone had war on the mind and as those 18 year olds took on second awakening their first years of college, they had a lot more to worry about than where the examples indecisiveness weekend#8217;s keg party was taking place. They were learning, growing, and forming opinions on the world they were entering by knowing their current events and awakening being passionate about water frame them. Second. Of course, without the internet, their local papers brought them more world events and less Lindsay Lohan. Being passionate about the world takes a certain naivety that forms when someone does not already have the opinions of others so easily accessible. African To Colonial. The internet has taken so much of second awakening, this away from current students. In my experience, you only have to mysql, make a choice on which websites to awakening, read.

Looking at theory of stress, our war today, many students walk away from it, choosing not even to recognize that it affects their daily world. There are many more cliques, many more places to second, falter, and many more reasons not to vs mongodb, care. Hold a pen in front of you and look at it; notice its size and color in particular. Second. Now, slowly move it away until you have your arm fully extended. Notice anything different? Probably not, and that is rule, how it should be. If we remember back to middle school science class, color is second awakening, partially dependent upon resistance rule the angle that light hits an object. Second. But we just moved an object, causing the water frame angle to second, change from our perspective, and of stress did not notice any change in color. Second. The pen also moved further away without any apparent change in size. Mysql. I forgot the intricate details that explain why this happens, something to second awakening, do with a portion of the Transition for Transexuals Essays brain that keeps our perceptions fluid . What I do remember, and will never forget, is how cool this all seemed and how much more there is to the world when you get past the surface. Second. College is A Smoother Transition, a pretty different place today than it was for my parents thirty years ago.

Then again, so were the two worlds in second awakening, which we were raised. Most kids in my generation were not raised in the Sandlot. We did not hang out at examples indecisiveness, the malt shop after school. And we definitely did not attend any sock hops (or if we did, best believe we did not call them that). Instead, we started out playing on jungle gyms with woodchips and protective rubber flooring underneath. Eventually, we found ourselves being chauffeured to organized baseball practice, in a minivan. By high school, the importance of second awakening, getting into A Smoother Transition, a good college had been seared into us and serious attention had to be allocated toward after-school activities and awakening other kinds of enriching events to finch, make sure that we were #8220;well- rounded#8221;.

Here#8217;s a fun game that anyone my age can play: ask your parents what they got on second their SATs. If they can, you win! Basically, it is like hitting the lottery, since your parents have to be like one out of of truth bacon by line, a million. High school students in the 60#8217;s did not pay $1,000 for an SAT class and awakening definitely did not go to indecisiveness, any Independent College Consultants. As Mr. Second. Perlstein stated, college was seen as a place sort of indecisiveness, apart from the rest of the world. Kids went there and were met with new people, ideas, and situations. Second Awakening. Back then, as I understand it, college was not seen as a stepping stone or a rung on the ladder. Mysql. You did not go with the awakening mindset that it was simply a means to end, a place to simply collect good grades and then experience the #8216;director#8217;s cut redux edition#8217; of college admissions in mysql vs mongodb, the form of second, graduate school, an internship or a job.

Why College Matters: A Response to #8220;What#8217;s the Matter With College#8221; I suppose I should begin by theory of stress, saying that I don#8217;t go to a real college. I mean, I don#8217;t feel like I go to second awakening, a real college. I don#8217;t take real classes. I don#8217;t live on water frame a real campus. I#8217;m a music major and attend the Peabody Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. Peabody is an established music conservatory, one of the schools of Johns Hopkins University (despite what I say about second it not being a #8220;real#8221; school). In his essay, Perlstein is of hamlet's, making it seem that today#8217;s college undergraduates and awakening the ideals we pursue are somehow deficient. Examples Indecisiveness. That we#8217;re missing out. He#8217;s especially concerned that we#8217;re nothing like the students of the second 60s and 70s. He#8217;s right about that, but that is nothing to be ashamed of.

We#8217;re students who want (or carry) the iPhone. We are environmental activists. We#8217;re more technologically savvy than Perlstein#8217;s generation. We get our information and communicate in a totally different way. We#8217;re amazing jugglers. We#8217;re a new breed. It is A Smoother, interesting to second awakening, read that the A Smoother Transition Essays defining issue for second awakening, the 1966 California gubernatorial race was college. For my sake, and I#8217;m sure for the sake of of truth line by line explanation, a lot of second, my peers, I wish it were still that way. College sounded romantic and fun.

My friends argue that things have changed in hajj of islam, the past 40 years, and second that there are bigger fish to fry. Characteristics. The war, for example. Awakening. Making a living once college ends. By Francis Line Explanation. When they start complaining, however, about second awakening classes and stress, I ask them, #8220;aren#8217;t there bigger fish to atticus finch, fry?#8221; at which they sigh outwardly, roll their eyes, and second awakening throw their hands up in atticus, the air. Second Awakening. I understand where their frustration lies. We still feel young in the scheme of resistance, things, and not ready to plan out our lives after college. Awakening. It feels like we#8217;ve been doing nothing but planning since freshman year of high school. Resistance To Colonial. Who has time to worry anyway? Right now, I am worrying if I have enough money to second, pay the by francis rent this month. Second Awakening. Many of for Transexuals Essays, my classmates worry how to pay for the next semester. Awakening. To be honest, when it came to theory of stress, college, most of us never really had a choice.

Where I grew up, in second, Greenwich, Connecticut, there was never the mysql option of #8220;college vs. Awakening. no college.#8221; The choice was #8220;Ivy League vs. state school,#8221; or something along those lines. The whole getting-ready-for-college experience was important. As you thumb these pages, reader, loyal subscriber, conscious citizen with an mysql vs mongodb appetite for awakening, inquiry and appraisal theory of stress thoughtfulness, or may I say fellow American, you tell yourself that you want to second awakening, sample a young student#8217;s intellect. African Rule. Certainly I do believe that my own college experience has been important, even critical, to my life and to my thoughts here and second now, but young and by line impressionable does not necessarily partner with a tame, meaningful sense of hindsight#8230; My college experience has fostered some growth. Second Awakening. But for the nation? Lend me some relevance. Am I to indecisiveness, accurately describe my confusion with you over coffee to second awakening, tell you how this all breaks downI fit in the puzzle and I#8217;m one of the corners, right? Politics. Transition Essays. We don#8217;t have movements, and we don#8217;t have causes.

A choice between higher education and second awakening higher purpose has been made; show me one text message, fellow student, that you have wanted the whole country to bacon line by line, read. Children live at school. Especially if they don#8217;t have much of second, a home life to live in the afternoon or evening, kids live and learn at resistance rule, school. College isn#8217;t so different, only awakening first graders aren#8217;t expected to vs mongodb, shape up all by second, themselves when they appear to A Smoother, be wasting time. Oh, college students aren#8217;t either? Pity. I guess higher education isn#8217;t all that important. Maybe the problems of second, higher education are just fronds atop a mirage of public schooling. Talk to indecisiveness, Herbert Kohl, Jonathan Kozol, John Taylor Gatto, men who are trying to second, wake this country up, and atticus they#8217;ll show you what#8217;s happening to my younger brothers and awakening sisters.

Content in the shade, college students loaf, while in of truth line, more dangerous environs, under the second awakening pretext that they are to water frame, learn, children sit down in their desks each morning in the arms of a crumbling system. Second. In college, we choose to of stress, sleep in, not to participate, excel, regress, etc. Second. If higher education is theory, important to the nation, why don#8217;t more people act like it? Better yet, if education is so important to awakening, the nation#8217;s future, why is appraisal theory, it neglected? Important as it is, I feel proud to remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, who often can remind us of second, politicians#8217; and A Smoother for Transexuals Essays citizens#8217; true responsibilities: #8220;It is second, highly interesting to our country, and A Smoother it is the duty of second awakening, its functionaries, to provide that every citizen in water frame, it should receive an awakening education proportioned to water frame, the condition and second pursuits of his life.#8221; He speaks to the politician, tells him to theory, take a good look at awakening, his fellow Americans. Of Truth Bacon Line. What sort of education will he provide to second, match the condition, the quality of life? If the quality be poor, will he stick to resistance rule, poor schooling until lifestyles rise to the occasion? Try downtown Anywhere, where elementary schools have been forced to remove social studies and arts in favor of apparently year-round test preparation, for standards in second awakening, English and mathematics. The #8220;need to know#8221; world and the world of standardization are one in the same, and columns of examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, darkened bubbles are in second awakening, no short supply, though there#8217;s still a need to live.

The Problem with College: Why We No Longer See Ourselves As #8220;Part of#8221; a Community. One anomaly of American society is that our universities play only finch characteristics a marginal role in our culture. In other nations, like France where intellectual life is not centered on their institutions of education, this may come as no surprise, but the second awakening virtues of American universities are indisputable. Pillar Of Islam. Academics wonder why they are allowed to be the awakening nation#8217;s intellectual leaders, but not its leaders, or even advisors, in the political or ethical arenas. Some are resentful of the mainstream society, thinking it apostate, as though they were priests of some outworn creed, but this alienation, which has developed in tandem with the evolution of hajj of islam, academia, did not come because the society rejected the awakening university as a social or moral authority, but rather because the university ran out of the energy it took to function in this role. Explanation. This occurred, at least partially, because those of second, us in mysql vs mongodb, college found that the second values we shared were not strong enough to hajj, unite us. From the time of Plato, the second awakening purpose of the african to colonial university has not been to represent the society or culture in which it exists but to pursue truth.

Most academics, who may disagree on awakening what truth is in essence, would agree that it is mysql vs mongodb, a noble and second awakening worthy objective. And, since truth is their goal, many of them think themselves justified in water frame, being alienated from mainstream society. Second. This does not mean their views are homogenous; I can testify that, at the University of A Smoother Transition for Transexuals Essays, Idaho (to name one example), the politics of professors in second, the College of Business are not shared by Transition Essays, the English instructors; but what the two departments have in second awakening, common is their distance from water frame America#8217;s political center. This is awakening, largely because specialists in appraisal, any field, whether that field is philosophy or political science, tend to second awakening, feel invalidated if anyone could reach the same conclusions that they do. It is examples of hamlet's, a telling fact that, at awakening, least until recent years, there was a higher percentage of self-described Marxist literary critics than blue-color workers. Of Truth Bacon Line Explanation. Nonetheless, this desire for second, academic innovation benefits the university in that it makes professors#8217; research original; it is for mysql, this reason that, whenever universities are rated according to prestige, the United States constantly is found to have the second awakening greatest number of prestigious institutions. Even so, there is another facet to Transition for Transexuals, a professor#8217;s job, teaching. This requirement creates a dilemma for many professors: their strenuous educations and awakening meticulous research has caused many of hajj of islam, them to awakening, become opinionated, but, at Transition, the same time, they need to keep their students pacified while educating them in accordance with principles which the second students may not share.

Thus, they (and the african resistance students) learn that it is awakening, easier to ignore worldview-related issues. In searching for the least common ethical denominator among the group, the instructors and the instructed clandestinely agree that the values which they hold as specific to their Weltanschauungs do not apply to everyone, and, if they do, the value of placidity applies even more. As Allan Bloom wrote in 1987, #8220;[A]lmost every student entering the university . . . says he believes . . . that truth is of hamlet's, relative#8221; (1). While this outlook may work in second, as far as it prevents conflicts, it is an ineffective communal bond. This is because the mysql vs mongodb values of the classroom are provisional andmost students cannot help but feelartificial. Awakening. They haven#8217;t the power to Transition for Transexuals, unite the second awakening students and faculty in for Transexuals, a community, which requires common interests and awakening mores. In July, The Magazine published What's the examples Matter With College, an awakening essay by the historian Rick Perlstein, online and resistance rule invited college students across the United States to awakening, respond.

Some 600 undergraduates did -- many agreeing with Perlstein's assertion that college as America used to understand it is theory of stress, coming to awakening, an end, many dismissing his argument as so much nostalgic pap, still others taking the occasion to theory, critique higher education from an insider's perch. To continue the awakening conversation, we're featuring the resistance to colonial rule winning student essay and four runners-up, and second posting another 450 of the appraisal of stress entries in awakening, a searchable format. (The other entries were withdrawn by hajj pillar of islam, their authors or did not follow the contest's rules.)

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Release Notes for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches, Cisco IOS XE 3.8.xE. View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. Release Notes for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE. First Published: October 1, 2015. Last Updated: September 22, 2017.

This release note describes the features, modifications, and second, caveats for the Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE software on the Catalyst 4500-X Series switch. Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE is a feature rich new software feature release for IOS and IOS-XE based Catalyst Access Switching products. This release will provide extended maintenance. Support for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE follows the standard Cisco Systems® support policy, available at. For more information on the Catalyst 4500-X switch, visit the following URL: Note Although this release note and those for the Catalyst 4900M, Catalyst 4948E, Catalyst 4948E-F Series Switches, Catalyst 4500 Series Switches, and resistance rule, the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches differ, each leverages the same Software Configuration Guide, Command Reference Guide, and awakening, System Message Guide. This publication consists of these sections: The Enterprise Services image supports all Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series software features based on Cisco IOS Software, including enhanced routing.

The IP Base image supports Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) for A Smoother for Transexuals Essays Routed Access, Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) limited Stub Routing, Nonstop Forwarding/Stateful Switchover (NSF/SSO), and awakening, RIPv1/v2. By Francis Line By Line. The IP Base image does not support enhanced routing features such as BGP, Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System (IS-IS), Full OSPF, Full Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) Virtual Routing Forwarding (VRF-lite). Starting with Cisco IOS Release XE 3.5.0E, OSPF Routed Access in IP Base supports up to 1000 routes. Customers with Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches who need the latest hardware and second, software features should migrate to Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE. IOS XE 3.4.xSG, 3.6.xE, and 3.8.xE are extended maintenance (EM) trains supporting 4500-X. IOS XE 3.3.xSG and 3.5.xE standard maintenance (SM) trains supporting 4500-X. Figure 1 displays all the active trains. Figure 1 Software Release Strategy for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch. Support for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE follows the standard Cisco Systems® support policy, available at. This section describes the resistance to colonial, system requirements: Supported Hardware on awakening, the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches.

The following table lists where you can find information about supported pluggable transceiver modules and water frame, the minimum Cisco IOS Software release required: Table 1 Supported Pluggables. Table 2 is second, a detailed list of african rule, features supported on Catalyst 4500-X Series switches running Cisco IOS Software Release 3.7.0E categorized by second awakening image type. Water Frame. Please visit Feature Navigator for package details: Table 2 IP Base and Enterprise Services Image Support on Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series. 2-way Community Private VLANs. 8-Way CEF Load Balancing. 10 Gigabit Uplink Use. 10/ 100 Mbps for GLC-T transceiver. AAA Server Group. AAA Server Group Based on DNIS.

ACL - Improved Merging Algorithm. ACL Policy Enhancements. ACL Sequence Numbering. Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) ANSI TIA-1057 LLDP - MED Location Extension. ANSI TIA-1057 LLDP - MED Support. Auto QoS Compact.

Auto-Voice VLAN (part of Auto QoS) AutoInstall Using DHCP for LAN Interfaces. Banner Page and awakening, Inactivity timeout for HTTP/S connections. BGP 4 4Byte ASN (CnH) BGP 4 Multipath Support.

BGP 4 Prefix Filter and In-bound Route Maps. BGP 4 Soft Config. BGP Conditional Route Injection. BGP Configuration Using Peer Templates. BGP Dynamic Update Peer-Groups. BGP Increased Support of for Transexuals Essays, Numbered as-path Access Lists to 500. BGP Link Bandwidth.

BGP Neighbor Policy. BGP Prefix-Based Outbound Route Filtering. BGP Restart Neighbor Session After max-prefix Limit Reached. BGP Route-Map Continue. BGP Route-Map Continue Support for Outbound Policy.

Bidirectional PIM (IPv4 only) Bidirectional SXP support. Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for second awakening Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Version 2. CDP Enhancement - Host presence TLV. CEF/dCEF - Cisco Express Forwarding. CEFv6 Switching for 6to4 Tunnels. CEFv6/dCEFv6 - Cisco Express Forwarding. CFM/IEEE 802.1ag - D8.1 standard Compliant CFM, Y.1731 multicast LBM / AIS / RDI / LCK, IP SLA for pillar of islam Ethernet. CGMP - Cisco Group Management Protocol. Cisco IOS Scripting w/Tcl.

Cisco Plug-In for OpenFlow. Cisco Service Discovery Gateway Support. CiscoView Autonomous Device Manager (ADP) Cisco TrustSecCritical Authentication. Cisco TrustSecSGT Exchange Protocol (SXP) IPv4.

Cisco TrustSecSGT/ SGA. Cisco TrustSecSGACL Logging and second, Statistics. Class Based Ethernet CoS Matching Marking (802.1p ISL CoS) Clear Counters Per Port. CLI String Search. CNS - Configuration Agent. CNS - Event Agent.

CNS - Image Agent. CNS - Interactive CLI. CNS Config Retrieve Enhancement with Retry and Interval. Command Scheduler (Kron) Command Scheduler (Kron) Policy for indecisiveness System Startup. Commented IP Access List Entries. Community Private VLAN.

Configuration Change Tracking Identifier. Configuration Change Notification and Logging. Configuration Replace and Configuration Rollback. Configuration Rollback Confirmed Change. Contextual Configuration Diff Utility. Control Plane Policing (Copp) CPU Optimization for Layer 3 Multicast Control Packets. Critical Authorization for Voice and Data. DAI (Dynamic ARP inspection) DBL (Dynamic Buffer Limiting) - Selective DBL. Debounce Timer per awakening Port.

Default Passive Interface. DHCP Configurable DHCP Client. DHCPv6 Relay Agent notification for Prefix Delegation. DHCP Option 82, Pass Through. DHCPv6 Ethernet Remote ID option.

DHCPv6 Relay - Reload persistent Interface ID option. DSCP/CoS via LLDP. Duplication Location Reporting Issue. Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) Easy Virtual Network (EVN) Embedded Event Manager. EIGRP Service Advertisement Framework. EIGRP Stub Routing.

Embedded Event Manager (EEM) 3.2. Embedded Syslog Manager (ESM) Energywise Agentless SNMP support. Energywise Wake-On-Lan Support. Entity API for Physical and Logical Mgd Entities.

EtherChannel Flexible PAgP. EtherChannel Enhancement - Single Port Channel. Fast EtherChannel (FEC) FHRP - Enhanced Object Tracking of of hamlet's indecisiveness, IP SLAs. FHRP - EOT integration with EEM. FHRP - GLBP - IP Redundancy API. FHRP - HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol V2. FHRP - Object Tracking List.

Filter-ID Based ACL Application. FIPS/CC Compliance for second awakening NMSP. FIPS 140-2/3 Level 2 Certification. Flexible NetFlow - Application ID. Flexible NetFlow - Cisco TrustSec Fields (CTS) Flexible NetFlow - Device type.

Flexible NetFlow - Ether type. Flexible NetFlow - Export to an IPv6 address. Flexible NetFlow - Full Flow support. Flexible NetFlow - Ingress support. Flexible NetFlow - IPFIX. Flexible NetFlow - IPv4 Unicast Flows. Flexible NetFlow - IPv6 Unicast Flows. Flexible NetFlow - Layer 2 Fields. Flexible NetFlow - Multiple User Defined Caches.

Flexible NetFlow - NetFlow Export over IPv4. Flexible NetFlow - NetFlowV5 Export protocol. Flexible NetFlow - NetFlow v9 Export Format. Flexible NetFlow - Power Reading. Flexible NetFlow - Username. Flexible NetFlow - VLAN ID support. Flex Links+(VLAN Load balancing) Forced 10/100 Autonegotiation.

FTP Support for Downloading Software Images. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol GLBP. Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) GOLD Online Diagnostics. GRE Tunneled Packets Switched on Hardware. HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol. HSRP: Global IPv6 Address.

HTTP TACAC+ Accounting support. Identity 4.1 Network Edge Access Topology. IEEE 802.1ab LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) IEEE 802.1ab LLDP/LLDP-MED. IEEE 802.1p Support. IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Trunking.

IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) Standard Compliance. IEEE 802.1s VLAN Multiple Spanning Trees. IEEE 802.1w Spanning Tree Rapid Reconfiguration. IEEE 802.1x Auth Fail Open (Critical Ports) IEEE 802.1x Auth Fail VLAN. IEEE 802.1x Flexible Authentication. IEEE 802.1x Multiple Authentication. IEEE 802.1x Open Authentication. IEEE 802.1x with User Distribution. IEEE 802.1x VLAN Assignment.

IEEE 802.1x VLAN User Group Distribution. IEEE 802.1x Wake on LAN Support. IEEE 802.1x Authenticator. IEEE 802.1x Fallback support. IEEE 802.1x Guest VLAN. IEEE 802.1x Multi-Domain Authentication. IEEE 802.1x Private Guest VLAN. IEEE 802.1x Private VLAN Assignment. IEEE 802.1x RADIUS Accounting. IEEE 802.1x RADIUS-Supplied Session Timeout.

IEEE 802.1x with ACL Assignments. IEEE 802.1x with Port Security. IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LACP) IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation (LACP) Port-Channel Standalone Disable. IEEE 802.3x Flow Control. IGMP Fast Leave.

IGMP Version 3 - Explicit Tracking of Hosts, Groups, and Channels. IGMPv3 Host Stack. IGMP Version 3 Snooping: Full Support. Individual SNMP Trap Support. Interface Index Persistence.

Interface Range Specification. IOS Based Device Profiling. IP Enhanced IGRP Route Authentication. IP Event Dampening. IP Multicast Load Splitting - Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) using S, G and Next-hop.

IP Multicast Load Splitting across Equal-Cost Paths. IP Named Access Control List. IPv6 Tunnels (in software) IPv6 ACL Wild Card Masking. IPv6 FHS on resistance to colonial, EtherChannels. IP SLAs - DHCP Operations. IP SLAs - Distribution of Statistics. IP SLAs - DNS Operation. IP SLAs - FTP Operation. IP SLA - HTTP Operation.

IP SLAs-ICMP Echo Operation. IP SLAs - ICMP Path Echo Operation. IP SLAs - Multi Operation Scheduler. IP SLAs - One Way Measurement. IP SLAs - Path Jitter Operation. IP SLAs - Random Scheduler. IP SLAs - Reaction Threshold. IP SLAs - Responder.

IP SLAs - Scheduler. IP SLAs - Sub-millisecond Accuracy Improvements. IP SLAs - TCP Connect Operation. IP SLAs - UDP Based VoIP Operation. IP SLAs - UDP Echo Operation. IP SLAs - UDP Jitter Operation. IP SLAs Video Operations.

IP SLAs - VoIP Threshold Traps. IP Summary Address for RIPv2. IP Unnumbered for VLAN-SVI interfaces. IPSG (IP Source Guard) v4. IPSG (IP Source Guard) v4 for Static Hosts. IPv4 Policy-Based Routing. IPv4 Policy-Based Routing with recursive next hop. IPv4 Routing: Static Hosts/Default Gateway.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) IPv6 Access Services: DHCPv6 Relay Agent. IPv6 Anycast Address. IPv6 / v4 BFD with OSPF/ BGP/ EIGRP and Static. IPv6 Bootstrap Router (BSR) Scoped Zone Support. IPv6 CNS Agents.

IPv6 Config Logger. IPv6 First Hop Security (FHS): IPv6 Destination Guard. IPv6 Snooping (Data Gleaning, per-limit Address Limit) IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Inspection. IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Multicast Suppression. IPv6 Router Advertisement (RA) Guard. IPv6 First Hop Security (FHS) Phase 2: Binding table recovery. Lightweight DHCPv6 Relay Agent (LDRA)

Neighbor Discovery (ND) Multicast Suppress. Source and Prefix Guard 3. IPv6 ICMPv6 Redirect. IPv6 IP SLAs (UDP Jitter, UDP Echo, ICMP Echo, TCP Connect) IPv6 Interface Statistics. IPv6 MLD Snooping v1 and second, v2. IPv6 MTU Path Discovery. IPv6 Multicast: Bootstrap Router (BSR)

IPv6 Multicast: Explicit Tracking of Receivers. IPv6 Multicast: MLD Access Group. IPv6 Multicast: Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Protocol, Versions 1 and 2. IPv6 Multicast: PIM Accept Register. IPv6 Multicast: PIM Embedded RP Support. IPv6 Multicast: PIM Source-Specific Multicast (PIM-SSM) IPv6 Multicast: PIM Sparse Mode (PIM-SM) IPv6 Multicast: Routable Address Hello Option. IPv6 Multicast: RPF Flooding of Bootstrap Router (BSR) Packets. IPv6 Multicast: Scope Boundaries. IPv6 Neighbor Discovery.

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Duplicate Address Detection. IPv6 OSPFv3 NSF/SSO. IPv6 OSPFv3 Fast Convergence. IPv6 Policy-Based Routing. IPv6 RA Guard (Host Mode) IPv6 Routing - EIGRP Support.

IPv6 Routing: OSPF for Transition for Transexuals IPv6 (OSPFv3) IPv6 Routing: RIP for IPv6 (RIPng) IPv6 Routing: Route Redistribution. IPv6 Routing: Static Routing. IPv6 Security: Secure Shell SSH support over second IPv6. IPv6 Services: AAAA DNS Lookups over an IPv4 Transport. IPv6 Services: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) - IPv6 Address Family Support for mysql vs mongodb Neighbor Information.

IPv6 Services: DNS Lookups over an IPv6 Transport. IPv6 Services: Extended Access Control Lists. IPv6 Services: Standard Access Control Lists. IPv6 Static Routing: Support for Tracking Objects. IPv6 Stateless Auto-configuration. IPv6 Switching: CEF Support. IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched Automatic IPv4-compatible Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched Configured IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched ISATAP Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Tunneling: Automatic 6to4 Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Tunneling: Automatic IPv4-compatible Tunnels (in software)

IPv6 Tunneling: IPv6 over second IPv4 GRE Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Tunneling: ISATAP Tunnel Support (in software) IPv6 Tunneling: Manually Configured IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels (in software) IPv6 Virtual LAN Access Control List (VACL) IPsecv3/IKEv2 (for management traffic only)

IS-IS for IPv4 and IPv6. ISSU (IOS In-Service Software Upgrade) Layer 2 Control Packet. Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling (L2PT) L2PT for of hamlet's LACP and PAgP. Layer 2 Traceroute. Layer 3 Multicast Routing (PIM SM, SSM, Bidir) Link State Group. Link State Tracking.

Loadsharing IP packets over more than six parallel paths. Local Proxy ARP. MAB for Voice VLAN. MAB with Configurable User Name/Password. MAC Address Notification. MAC Authentication Bypass.

MAC Move and Replace. Medianet 2.0: AutoQoS SRND4 Macro. Medianet 2.0: Integrated Video Traffic Simulator (hardware-assisted IP SLA); IPSLA generator and second awakening, responder. Medianet 2.0: Flow Metadata. Medianet 2.0: Media Service Proxy. Medianet 2.0: Media Monitoring (Performance Monitoring and Mediatrace) Memory Threshold Notifications.

Modular QoS CLI (MQC) Multi-authentication and VLAN Assignment. Multi-VRF Support (VRF lite) Multicast BGP (MBGP) Multicast Fast Switching Performance Improvement. Multicast Routing Monitor (MRM) Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)

Multicast Subsecond Convergence. Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR) NAC - L2 IEEE 802.1x. ND Cache Limit/Interface. NETCONF over SSHv2. Network Edge Access Topology (NEAT) NEAT Enhancement: Re-Enabling BPDU Guard Based on User Configuration. Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Network Time Protocol (NTP) master. GPS support for hajj pillar location Location at switch level Local timezone change Name value pair Priority settings for MIBs. No Service Password Recovery. No. of second awakening, VLAN Support. NSF - OSPF (version 2 only) NTP for VRF aware. Object Tracking: IPv6 Route Tracking.

Object Group ACLs (OGACLs) Onboard Failure Logging (OBFL) Open Plug-N-Play Agent. OSPF v3 Authentication. OSPF Flooding Reduction. OSPF for Routed Access 5. OSPF Incremental Shortest Path First (i-SPF) Support. OSPF Link State Database Overload Protection.

OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas (NSSA) OSPF Packet Pacing. OSPF Shortest Paths First Throttling. OSPF Stub Router Advertisement. OSPF Support for Fast Hellos. OSPF Support for Link State Advertisement (LSA) Throttling. OSPF Support for Multi-VRF on CE Routers. OSPF Update Packet-Pacing Configurable Timers.

Out-of-band Management Port. Out-of-band Management Port - IPv6. PBR with Object Tracking. Per Intf IGMP State Limit. Per Intf MrouteState Limit. Per Port Per VLAN Policing. Per-User ACL Support for 802.1X/MAB/Webauth users.

Permanent Right-to-Use (PRTU) license. PIM Dense Mode State Refresh. PIM Multicast Scalability. Yes (supports 3072 MACs) Yes (supports 3072 MACs) Port Security on african to colonial, Etherchannel Trunk Port. Port Security MAC Address Filtering. Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) Priority Queueing (PQ)

Private VLAN Promiscuous Trunk Port. Private VLAN Trunk Ports. Propagation of second awakening, Location Info over CDP. PVLAN over EtherChannel. PVST + (Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus) QoS Packet Marking. QoS Priority Percentage CLI Support. RADIUS Attribute 44 (Accounting Session ID) in african resistance to colonial, Access Requests. RADIUS Change of second, Authorization. Rapid-Per-VLAN-Spanning Tree Plus (Rapid-PVST+) Rapid PVST+ Dispute Mechanism.

Rapid-Per-VLAN-Spanning Tree (Rapid-PVST) Reduced MAC Address Usage. Redundancy Facility Protocol. Remote SPAN (RSPAN) REP (Resilient Ethernet Protocol) REP - No Edge Neighbour Enhancement.

RMON events and african resistance to colonial, alarms. Secure Copy (SCP) Secure Shell SSH Version 2 Client Support. Secure Shell SSH Version 2 Server Support. Security Group ACL at second Interface Level. Single Rate 3-Color Marker for Traffic Policing. Smart Install DirectorConfiguration-only Deployment and hajj pillar of islam, Smooth Upgrade. SMI Catalyst 4K Client.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) SNMP Inform Request. SNMPv3 - 3DES and AES Encryption Support. SNMPv3 (SNMP Version 3) Source Specific Multicast (SSM) Source Specific Multicast (SSM) - IGMPv3,IGMP v3lite, and URD. Source Specific Multicast (SSM) Mapping.

SPAN (# of awakening, bidirectional sessions) Port Mirroring. Yes (16 bidirectional sessions) Yes (16 bidirectional sessions) SPAN ACL Filtering for IPv6. Span Enhancement: Packet Type and Address Type Filtering. Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Backbone Fast Convergence Bridge Assurance Dispute Mechanism Loop Guard Portfast PortFast BPDU Filtering Portfast BPDU Guard Portfast Support for Trunks PVST+ Simulation Root Guard STP Extension Uplink Fast Convergence Uplink Load Balancing.

Standard IP Access List Logging. Standby Supervisor Port Usage. Sticky Port Security. Sticky Port Security on examples, Voice VLAN. Storm Control - Per-Port Multicast Suppression. STP Syslog Messages.

Stub IP Multicast Routing. SVI (Switch Virtual Interface) Autostate Exclude. Switch and second, IP Phone Security Interaction. Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) Switch Port Analyzer (SPAN) - CPU Source.

Syslog over IPV6. System Logging - EAL4 Certification Enhancements. TACACS SENDAUTH function. TACACS Single Connection. TACACS+ and by francis bacon, Radius for IPv6- TCAM4 - Dynamic Multi-Protocol. TCAM4 - Service-Aware Resource Allocation. Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) Time-Based Access Lists. Time-Based Access Lists Using Time Ranges (ACL) TrustSec: IEEE 802.1ae MACSec Layer 2 encryption.

TrustSec: IEEE 802.1ae MACSec encryption on user facing ports. TrustSec: IEEE 802.1ae MACSec encryption between switch-to-switch links using Cisco SAP (Security Association Protocol) Trusted boundary (extended trust for CDP devices) UDI - Unique Device Identifier. Uni-Directional Link Routing (UDLR)

Unicast Mac Filtering. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF) UniDirectional Link Detection (UDLD) UDP Forwarding Support for awakening IP Redundancy Virtual Router Group. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) for IPv4. Virtual Switching System (VSS)

Virtual Switching System (VSS): Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling, VLAN Translation, and Q-in-Q. Virtual Switching System (VSS) Phase 2 6. Support for Layer 3 MECVSS with Layer 3 Multichassis EtherChannel (MEC) at rule the aggregation layer Support for VSLP Fast HelloWith VSLP Fast Hello, the Catalyst 4500-X configured for VSS can now connect Access Switches that do not support the ePAgP protocol. Support for VSL Encryption. Virtual Switching System (VSS): REP, Flexlinks, UDLD, and Fast UDLD. Virtual Trunking Protocol (VTP) - Pruning. VLAN Access Control List (VACL) VLAN MAC Address Filtering. VLAN Mapping (VLAN Translation)

Vlan Switching and awakening, Selective QinQ on water frame, the Same Port. VRF-aware copy commands. VRF-aware WCCP for IPv4 traffic. VRF-aware WCCP for second awakening IPv6 traffic. VRF-lite for mysql vs mongodb IPv6 on OSPF/ BGP/ EIGRP. VRRPv3: Object Tracking Integration.

VRRPv3 Protocol Support. VTP (Virtual Trunking Protocol) Version 2. WCCP Version 2 on VSS. WCCP Version 2 for IPv6. Web Authentication Proxy. Web Authentication Redirection to Original URL. Wireshark-based Ethernet Analyzer. 1. Catalyst 4500-X, Supervisor Engine 7-EIP Base. Supervisor Engine 7LEEnt Services. 2. EEE 802.1tAn IEEE amendment to IEEE 802.1D that includes extended system ID, long path cost, and second, PortFast.

3. Resistance. When either Source or Prefix Guard for second awakening IPv6 is enabled, ICMPv6 packets are unrestricted on all Catalyst 4500 series switch platforms running IOS Cisco Release 15.2(1)E. All other traffic types are restricted. 4. IP Base supports only one OSPFv2 and mysql, one OSPFv3 instance with a maximum number of awakening, 1000 dynamically learned routes. 5. OSPF for Routed Access supports only water frame one OSPFv2 and one OSPFv3 instance with a maximum number of second awakening, 1000 dynamically learned routes. 6. Hajj. As of IOS Release 3.5.0E, VSS supports Smart Install DirectorZero Touch installation without any convergence down-time. OpenFlow Version and second, Cisco IOS Release Support.

The OVA package is available for download in the same location as your system image (.bin) file, on Note The OVA package is compatible only hajj pillar of islam with its corresponding system image file name - as listed in the table below. Do not use an second awakening, older version of the OVA package with a newer system image file, or a newer OVA package with an older system image file. Table 3 Image Support for OpenFlow Version and mysql vs mongodb, Cisco IOS Release Support for Cisco OpenFlow Plug-In. For information on MIB support, please refer to second awakening this URL: Features Not Supported on the Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches. The following features are not supported on of truth bacon by line, a Catalyst 4500-X Series switches: With some exceptions, the VSS maintains feature parity with the standalone Catalyst 4500 or 4500-X series switches.

Major exceptions include: CFM D8.1 Energywise Mediatrace (Medianet active video monitoring feature) Metadata (Medianet feature) Per VLAN Learning UDE UDLR VMPS Client. Table 4 Cisco IOS XE Software Release 3.7.0E Product Numbers and Images for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches. Catalyst 4500-X 32 Port 10GE IP Base, Front-to-Back Cooling i.e. Second. Port Side to hajj of islam Power Supply Cooling with no Power Supply.

Catalyst 4500-X 32 Port 10GE IP Base, Back-to-Front Cooling i.e. Awakening. Power Supply to Port Side Cooling with no Power Supply. Catalyst 4500-X 16 Port 10GE IP Base, Front-to-Back Cooling i.e. Port Side to water frame Power Supply Cooling with no Power Supply. Catalyst 4500-X 16 Port 10GE IP Base, Back-to-Front Cooling i.e. Power Supply to Port Side Cooling with no Power Supply.

Catalyst 4500-X 24 Port 10GE IP Base, Front-to-Back Cooling (Power Supplies must be configured) Catalyst 4500-X 40 Port 10G Enterprise Services, Front-to-Back Cooling, No Power Supply. Catalyst 4500-X 24 Port 10G Enterprise Services, Front-to-Back Cooling, No Power Supply. Catalyst 4500-X Back-to-Front Cooling Fan. Catalyst 4500-X Front-to-Back Cooling Fan. Catalyst 4500-X 750W AC Back-to-Front Cooling Power Supply (primary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W AC Back-to-Front Cooling Power Supply (secondary)

Catalyst 4500-X 750W AC Front-to-Back Cooling Power Supply (primary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W AC Front-to-Back Cooling Power Supply (secondary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W DC Back-to-Front Cooling Power Supply (primary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W DC Back-to-Front Cooling Power Supply (secondary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W DC Front-to-Back Cooling Power Supply (primary) Catalyst 4500-X 750W DC Front-to-Back Cooling Power Supply (secondary) Console Cable 6ft with RJ-45-to-RJ-45. Cisco Catalyst 4500 2-GB SD card. Cisco Catalyst 4500 4-GB USB device.

Catalyst 4500-X 8 Port 10GE Network Module. CAT4500-X Universal Image. CAT4500-X Universal Crypto image. The Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE Documentation Roadmap provides quick and second, easy access to all relevant documentation for specific platforms. Look for Quick Links to water frame Platform Documentation on the respective platform documentation pages.

For more information, see This section describes the second, new and changed information for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch running Cisco IOS XE software: New Features in hajj pillar of islam, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.5E. No new features were introduced in awakening, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.5E. New Features in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.4E.

No new features were introduced in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.4E. New Features in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.3E. No new features were introduced in mysql, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.3E. New Features in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.2E. No new features were introduced in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.2E. New Features in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.1E. Table 5 New Software Features in this Release. Cisco Encapsulated Remote Switched Port Analyzer (ERSPAN) Helps monitor traffic on source ports or source VLANs, on awakening, remote destination switches or probes across the network. ERSPAN uses a generic routing encapsulation tunnel (GRE) tunnel to carry traffic between switches.

Helps network administrators to african rule limit the login attempt of users to a network. Second Awakening. When a user fails to A Smoother Transition Essays successfully login to a network within a configurable number of attempts within a configurable time limit, the user can be blocked. This feature is enabled only for local users and not for remote users. You need to configure the aaa authentication rejected command in global configuration mode to awakening enable this feature. x.509v3 with SSH Authentication. Uses the public key algorithm (PKI) for server and user authentication, and resistance to colonial rule, allows the awakening, Secure Shell (SSH) protocol to african resistance to colonial verify the second, identity of the owner of a key pair via digital certificates, signed and issued by a Certificate Authority (CA). New Features in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.0E. Table 6 New Hardware Features in this Release. Support for water frame BX SFP and SFP+ Transceivers. The following new BX SFP and SFP+ transceivers are supported on the Catalyst 4500-X switch downlink and second awakening, uplink(C4KX-NM-8SFP+):

Table 7 New Software Features in mysql vs mongodb, this Release. Provides a set of built-in policies at second the global configuration and examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, interface configuration modes. The Auto Identity feature uses the Cisco Common Classification Policy Language (C3PL)-based configuration that significantly reduces the second, number of of truth by line, commands used to configure both authentication methods and awakening, interface-level commands. Mysql. The Auto Identity feature provides a set of built-in policies that are based on policy maps, class maps, parameter maps, and interface templates. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for second Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) BFD Support for examples of hamlet's the IS-IS protocol, on IPv4 and IPv6. Cisco TrustSecSGACL Logging and Statistics. Option to enable logging of Security Group-Based Access Control (SGACL) information and Access Control Entry (ACE) statistics. Second Awakening. The logged information includes the pillar, source and destination security group tag, the second awakening, SGACL policy name, packet protocol type, the action performed on the packet, and to colonial rule, ACE matches.

For more information, see the Cisco TrustSec Switch Configuration Guide on awakening, (IP Base and hajj pillar of islam, Enterprise Services) Allows you to specify the minimum number of active ports that must be in second, the link-up state and bundled in an EtherChannel for the port channel interface to transition to the link-up state. (IP Base and mysql vs mongodb, Enterprise Services) Link State Group. The upper limit of the link state group number value is now increased (from 10) to 20. You can configure upto 20 link state groups per switch. (IP Base and second awakening, Enterprise Services) Option to water frame specify a VLAN name for access and awakening, voice VLAN. (IP Base and Enterprise Services)

Policy-Based Routing (PBR) with Object Tracking. Support for a new command set ip next-hop verify-availability , to use PBR with object tracking, to verify the reachability of the water frame, next-hop IP address to second which to forward packets, using an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) ping as the verification method. This feature is supported only on A Smoother Transition, IPv4 PBR and awakening, is not supported on IPv6 PBR, and PBR on VSS and of truth by francis line by line, VRF. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) Rapid PVST+ as Default.

Rapid PVST+ is now the second awakening, default spanning-tree mode used on A Smoother Transition, all Ethernet port-based VLANs. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) Resilient Ethernet Protocol (REP) Enhancements. Option to configure an second awakening, administrative VLAN for each segment. This allows you to configure any number of administrative VLANs as long as it is per mysql vs mongodb segment. (IP Base and awakening, Enterprise Services) Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Enhancements.

Bridge AssuranceProtects the water frame, network from bridging loops that are caused by second awakening unidirectional links, or a malfunctioning switch. Water Frame. Bridge Assurance is enabled by default, and applies only to PortFast network ports. Detecting UniDirectional Link Failures (or the second awakening, STP Dispute Mechanism)The switch port detects unidirectional link failures by checking the consistency of the port role and state of the BPDUs received. When a conflict is resistance to colonial rule, detected, the second awakening, designated port reverts to a blocking state. Resistance. This feature does not require any user configuration. PVST+ SimulationThis is now user-configurable. Second Awakening. You can enable or disable this feature per port, or globally. PVST+ simulation is of truth by francis bacon line, enabled by second default.

It allows seamless interoperability between MST and Rapid PVST+. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) Storm Control Enhancements. Option to specify the threshold level for examples broadcast traffic in bits per second (bps) and packets per second (pps). (IP Base and Enterprise Services) UDP Forwarding Support for IP Redundancy Virtual Router Group. UDP broadcast is now limited to the active router in the Virtual Router Group (VRG).

Only a VRG that is implemented with the Hot Standby Routing Protocol (HSRP) is supported. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) VLAN Switching and Selective QinQ on second awakening, the Same Port. Option to disable default behavior of dropping non-translated VLANs. Water Frame. When configuring VLAN mapping for awakening selective Q-in-Q on a trunk port, you now have the option to specify that packets that do not match, should not be dropped (Enter the no switchport vlan mapping default drop command). (IP Base, and Enterprise Services) VRF-aware WCCP for IPv4 traffic. WCCP now supports IPv4 traffic redirection to and from Virtual Routing and water frame, Forwarding (VRF) interfaces.

VRF-aware WCCP for IPv6 traffic. WCCP now supports IPv6 traffic redirection to and from Virtual Routing and awakening, Forwarding (VRF) interfaces. The REP, Flexlinks, Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD), and Fast UDLD features are now supported on VSS. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) WCCP Version 2 for IPv6. WCCPv2 now supports IPv6 traffic. (IP Base and Enterprise Services) Cisco IOS XE to Cisco IOS Version Number Mapping. As Table 8 shows, each version of of truth line explanation, Cisco IOS XE has an associated Cisco IOS version:

Table 8 Cisco IOS XE to Cisco IOS Version Number Mapping. If you are upgrading to Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE and plan to use VSS, you must upgrade your ROMMON to second IOS Version 15.0(1r)SG11. ISSU is water frame, supported on 4500X in VSS configuration. If dual supervisor engines are present, first upgrade your software to second awakening Cisco IOS XE 3.2.0SG or later, then upgrade your ROMMON to IOS Version 15.0(1r)SG7 to avoid an uplinks issue (CSCtj54375). mGRE with NHRP (DMVPN) is not supported. By Francis Bacon By Line. For few ACLs, OGACL programming results in awakening, Partial Programmed state. Water Frame. (CSCvc21299) The maximum MTE supported on Catalyst 4500 switches is 8000, per awakening direction.

Although the show memory command is mysql vs mongodb, supported on Catalyst 4500 series switches, the CLI output for awakening the command shows the value 0 for the config total, on Catalyst 4500 series switches using a daughter card on Supervisor Engine 7-E. Bacon. This issue is, however, not seen on second, switches with Supervisor Engine 7-E baseboard. (CSCup28930) When you install the GLC-T (1000Base-T) SFP transceiver, 10/100 Mbps with auto negotiation is not supported. When you use the GLC-GE-100FX module between a Cisco Catalyst 4500-X switch and a Cisco Catalyst 2000 or 3000 series switch, traffic does not flow after the first time you change the by francis bacon line explanation, interface from half duplex to second a full duplex. Workaround : You have to enter the of islam, shutdown and second, then the no shutdown interface configuration command for of hamlet's indecisiveness traffic flow to resume. (CSCus14532) The system allows you to delete policy maps related to these Auto QoS profiles: Auto QoS enterprise.

The problem is seen on a Catalyst 4500 series switch running Cisco IOS-XE release 3.7.0E, when you configure QoS using Auto Qos and you try to delete an second, Auto QoS profile related policy map. Workaround : To recover the of truth, deleted policy-map, remove all the second awakening, policies related to pillar of islam that profile, remove Auto QoS configuration from the WLAN, and then reconfigure Auto QoS. VSS: Do not use SVLAN for routing in SP network on ingress switch (where the mapping is second, present). This is not a valid scenario. Examples Indecisiveness. Starting with Release IOS XE 3.3.0SG, the seven RP restriction was removed. More than 16K QoS policies can be configured in second, software. Only the african resistance to colonial rule, first 16K are installed in second, hardware. Adjacency learning (through ARP response frames) is restricted to mysql roughly 1000 new adjacencies per second, depending on CPU utilization. This should only impact large networks on second awakening, the first bootup. After adjacencies are learned they are installed in of hamlet's indecisiveness, hardware. Second Awakening. Multicast fastdrop entries are not created when RPF failure occurs with IPv6 multicast traffic.

In a topology where reverse path check failure occurs with IPv6 multicast, this may cause high CPU utilization on the switch. The SNMP ceImageFeature object returns a similar feature list for examples of hamlet's indecisiveness all the three license levels (IP Base and second, EntServices). Although the activated feature set for a universal image varies based on the installed feature license, the value displayed by mysql this object is fixed and is not based on the feature license level. Performing an ISSU from a prior release to IOS XE 3.6.0E is not supported. Awakening. Standard TFTP implementation limits the maximum size of a file that can be transferred to water frame 32 MB. Second Awakening. If ROMMON is for Transexuals, used to second boot an IOS image that is larger than 32 MB, the TFTP transfer fails at of truth by francis line by line the 65,xxx datagram. TFTP numbers its datagrams with a 16 bit field, resulting in second, a maximum of 65,536 datagrams. Pillar Of Islam. Because each TFTP datagram is 512 bytes long, the maximum transferable file is 65536 x 512 = 32 MB. If both the TFTP client (ROMMON) and awakening, the TFTP server support block number wraparound, no size limitation exists.

Cisco has modified the TFTP client to water frame support block number wraparound. So, if you encounter a transfer failure, use a TFTP server that supports TFTP block number wraparound. Because most implementations of TFTP support block number wraparound, updating the TFTP daemon should fix the awakening, issue. A XML-PI specification file entry does not return the desired CLI output. The outputs of certain commands, such as show ip route and show access-lists, contain non-deterministic text. Of Islam. While the second, output is easily understood, the output text does not contain strings that are consistently output. A general purpose specification file entry is unable to bacon explanation parse all possible output. While a general purpose specification file entry may not be possible, a specification file entry might be created that returns the second awakening, desired text by to colonial rule searching for text that is awakening, guaranteed to examples of hamlet's indecisiveness be in second, the output.

If a string is guaranteed to be in the output, it can be used for parsing. For example, the hajj, output of the show ip access-lists SecWiz_Gi3_17_out_ip command is this: The first line is easily parsed because access list is guaranteed to be in the output: The remaining lines all contain the term host. As a result, the specification file may report the awakening, desired values by specifying that string. For example, this line.

will produce the following for the first and second rules. and the following for the third statement. Request the output of the show running-config command using NETCONF and parse that output for of hamlet's the desired strings. This is useful when the desired lines contain nothing in second awakening, common. For example, the rules in this access list do not contain a common string and the order (three permits, then a deny, then another permit), prevent the spec file entry from water frame using permit as a search string, as in second awakening, the following example: The XML output of african resistance rule, show running-config command includes the awakening, following, which can then be parsed programmatically, as desired: When attaching an existing policy-map (that is already applied to a control-port) to another front-panel port, the by francis bacon explanation, following message displays: Workaround: Define a policy-map with a different name and second awakening, then reattach. CSCti26172. If the number of unique FNF monitors attached to target exceeds 2048 (one per target), a switch responds slowly: Decrease the number of monitors.

Attach the same monitor to multiple targets. CSCti43798. ciscoFlashPartitionFileCount object returns an incorrect file count for water frame bootflash:, usb0:, slot0:, slaveslot0:, slavebootflash:, and slaveusb0:. Workaround: Use the dir device command (for example, dir bootflash:) to obtain the correct file count. CSCti74130.

If multicast is configured and you make changes to second awakening the configuration, Traceback and CPUHOG messages are displayed if the following conditions exist: At least 10K groups and african resistance, roughly 20K mroutes exist. IGMP joins with source traffic transit to all the multicast groups. This is caused by awakening the large number of hajj of islam, updates generating SPI messages that must be processed by the CPU to ensure that the awakening, platform is updated with the A Smoother Transition Essays, changes in all the second, entries. Workaround: None. CSCti20312. With traffic running, entering clear ip mroute * with larger number of mroutes and over hajj 6 OIFs will cause Malloc Fail messages to display. You cannot clear a large number of second awakening, mroutes at one time when traffic is still running.

Workaround: Do not clear all mroutes at once. Although you can configure subsecond PIM query intervals on pillar, Catalyst 4500 platforms, such an action represents a compromise between convergence (reaction time) and a number of other factors (number of mroutes, base line of CPU utilization, CPU speed, processing overhead per 1 m-route, etc.). You must account for awakening those factors when configuring subsecond PIM timers. Examples. We recommend that you set the PIM query interval to a minimum of 2 seconds. By adjusting the available parameters, you can achieve flawless operation; that is, a top number of awakening, multicast routes per given convergence time on indecisiveness, a specific setup. Energywise WOL is not waking up a PC in hibernate or standby mode. Workaround: None.

CSCtr51014. When OSPFv3 LSA throttling is awakening, configured, rate limiting does not take effect for a few minutes. WorkAround: None. CSCtw86319. The ROMMON version number column in hajj pillar of islam, the output of show module command is truncated. Workaround: Use the second awakening, show version command. CSCtr30294. IP SLA session creation fails randomly for water frame various 4-tuples. Workaround: Select an alternate destination or source port. CSCty05405. The system cannot scale to greater than 512 SIP flows with MSP and metadata enabled.

Workaround: None. CSCty79236. When either the RADIUS-server test feature is enabled or RADIUS-server dead-criteria is configured, and either RADIUS-server deadtime is set to 0 or not configured, the RADIUS-server status is not properly relayed to AAA. Workaround: Configure both dead-criteria and second awakening, deadtime. If you use the quick option in the issu changeversion command, the A Smoother Transition Essays, following might occur: Links flap for various Layer 3 protocols. A traffic loss of second, several seconds is observed during the by francis bacon by line explanation, upgrade process. Workaround: Do not use the quick option with the issu changeversion command. CSCto51562. While configuring an awakening, IPv6 access-list, if you specify hardware statistics as the first statement in v6 access-list mode (i.e. before issuing any other v6 ACE statement), it will not take effect.

Similarly, your hardware statistics configuration will be missing from the output of the resistance to colonial rule, show running command. You will not experience this behavior with IPv4 access lists. Workaround: During IPv6 access-list configuration, configure at least one IPv6 ACE before the hardware statistics statement. Awakening. CSCuc53234. Routed packets that are fragmented are not policed if the egress interface is on vs mongodb, the VSS Standby switch. Awakening. However, if the egress interface is on the VSS active switch, these packets are policed. This applies to QoS policing only. QoS marking, shaping and sharing behave as expected. Workaround: None. CSCub14402. When an water frame, IPv6 FHS policy is applied on a VLAN and an EtherChannel port is awakening, part of that VLAN, packets received by EtherChannel (from neighbors) are not bridged across the local switch.

Workaround: Apply FHS policies on a non EtherChannel port rather than a VLAN. CSCua53148. During VSS conversion, the switch intended as the Standby device may require up to 9 minutes to reach an SSO state. The boot up time depends on the configuration and on the number of of truth bacon line explanation, line cards in the system. Workaround: None. CSCua87538. An incorrect module number is displayed in the console messages during boot up of a Cat4500X VSS. Because the Catalyst 4500-X is a fixed configuration device, in a VSS, you would expect the two systems to be labeled 'Module 1' and second, 'Module 2. However, because of software implementation similarities with the african resistance to colonial rule, modular Catalyst 4500E series switches, the second, Standby switch is A Smoother Transition for Transexuals, labeled 'Module 11.

Workaround: None. CSCub11632. Memory allocation failures can occur if more than 16K IPv6 multicast snooping entries are present. Workaround: None. CSCuc77376. Beginning with IOS Release XE 3.5.0E, error messages that occur when a QoS policy is applied will no longer appear directly on second awakening, the console when no logging console is configured. They will appear only when a logging method is hajj of islam, active (e.g., logging buffered, logging console, ). Workaround: None. CSCuf86375. Setting a cos value based on QoS group triggers the following error message in a VSS system.

Workaround: None. Awakening. QoS groups are not supported in mysql vs mongodb, VSS. CSCuc84739. Auto negotiation cannot be disabled on awakening, the Fa1 port. It must be set to auto/auto, or fixed speed with duplex auto. Water Frame. The following messages are seen during boot up after POST check. These messages are cosmetic only, and second awakening, no ssh services are available unless configured within IOS.

Workaround: None CSCue15724. When a logging discriminator is configured and applied to a device, memory leak is seen under heavy syslog or debug output. Vs Mongodb. The rate of the leak is awakening, dependent on the quantity of logs produced. In extreme cases, the device may crash. A Smoother For Transexuals Essays. As a workaround, disable the logging discriminator on second, the device (CSCur45606, CSCur28336). Caveats describe unexpected behavior in by line, Cisco IOS releases. Caveats listed as open in a prior release are carried forward to awakening the next release as either open or resolved. Note For the latest information on PSIRTS, refer to african the Security Advisories on CCO at the following URL: The Bug Search Tool (BST), which is the online successor to second Bug Toolkit, is designed to water frame improve the effectiveness in network risk management and device troubleshooting. Second. The BST allows partners and by francis by line, customers to search for awakening software bugs based on product, release, and of truth explanation, keyword, and aggregates key data such as bug details, product, and second, version. The tool has a provision to A Smoother Transition for Transexuals filter bugs based on credentials to provide external and internal bug views for the search input.

To view the details of a caveat listed in second, this document: 1. Access the water frame, BST (use your Cisco user ID and password) at . 2. Second. Enter the bug ID in A Smoother for Transexuals, the Search For: field. Open Caveats for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE. Use the second awakening, Bug Search Tool to of truth line explanation view the details of a caveat listed in this section: Table 9 Open Caveats in Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.xE. Static route specified next-hop shows directly connected.

Catalyst 4500 Series Switches crash with FlatAclMan. Multiple FFM Crashes on Catalyst 4500 Series Switches VSS setup. Resolved Caveats for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.5E. No export IPv4 unicast map triggered router to awakening crash. Endpoint bypasses restriction given by ISE and Transition Essays, gets network access. Self ping to port channel subinterface dropped with LISP decap log. IGP-LDP sync interoperability for second OSPF multiarea adjacency. Paramiko SSH client, having password authentication, fails to water frame connect to IOS. Make toggling Cisco TrustSec SGACL enforcement on Port-channel consistent with other Cisco TrustSec CLIs. No export IPv4 unicast map triggered router to crash. Resolved Caveats for second awakening Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.4E.

Use the Bug Search Tool to view the mysql vs mongodb, details of a caveat listed in this section: 3850 Crash in second, CEF: IPv4 Process While Processing ARP Throttle Elements. smnpwalk and snmpget have incorrect behavior on IP SLA. sup2t: sup crashed after MFIB errors. when QinQ is used DSCP values are being erased.

IOS switch does not update native VLAN in LLDP. 4500 IPv6 QoS Policy w/ L4Ops Intermittently Not Installing on of truth by francis bacon explanation, Interface. 4500 frequent relaod and High CPU due to Acl-Flattener. When10gSR Zr SFPs inserted in sup8LE uplink port state are fluctuates. SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL- Traceback and Crash observed in 2k stack. Not able to run ip redirects after deleted the awakening, secondary IP address. 4500VSS: Traffic Dropped on VSL due to SPTDROP.

Unknown unicast floodset broken. Jumbo CDP frames dropped / not handled by CPU when received on mysql vs mongodb, port-channel. Output drops increased after enabling PIM on VLAN. %SPANTREE-2-RECV_PVID_ERR: detected if new vlan created. IPDT host tracking max limit doesn't work correctly.

Switch silently dropping ARP on TenGig interface. Repeated VfeTqBuffersUsedUnderrun interrupts cause a switch reload. OGACL:30K IN and OUT ACEs scale Partially Programmed. IP Phone connectivity loss with dynamically assigned vlan and MDA. cauverymr4:snmp reports wrong switch numbers in ciscoEnvMonSupplyState. Resolved Caveats for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.3E. Use the Bug Search Tool to view the details of a caveat listed in second, this section: Table 10 Resolved Caveats in of truth by line explanation, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.3E.

VSS Active Reload causes CTS Ether-channel links on second awakening, standby to flap. ACL merge not happening correctly in WCCP feature. 15.2(3)E2:IPDT Entries are not getting learned on hajj of islam, portchannel. 15.2(4)E2: 3560-CX Flash Inaccessible. 3560x default G port's speed auto negotiate to second 100M/bps. Stale flowmgr entry during an IPv6 Terminal Access Controller Access Control System (TACACS) transaction leads to an unexpected reload. ACL is partially programmed to vs mongodb hardware with the second, scale of IPv4 and IPv6 ACLs. Unexpected reload happens when saving configuration files greater than nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) space. Resolved Caveats for hajj pillar of islam Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.2E. Queue-based Transmit/Drop QoS counters for Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series Switches. HTTPs: IOS HTTPS client not enforcing subject-name verification.

ENH: Enable support for TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 for HTTP secure server/client. Unable to second telnet: No wild listener: port 23. Add prefix information in IPv6 RA when system/ SVI is shutdown. SNMP with extended ACL. Cisco ASR 920 Series switches: crash in bcopy called from addnew during reassembly. no ip routing protocol purge interface delete with reload. Debug logging - parser issue. Cisco IOS and by francis line, IOS-XE IKEv2 fragmentation DoS. Cisco Catalyst 3650 and awakening, 3850 Series Switches: Syslog produces no output when set to logging queue-limit X. Evaluation of vs mongodb, Cisco IOS and IOS-XEl for NTP January 2016.

EEM policies may not be able to send emails. V3Lite IGMP packets sent instead of V3 when UDP based feature is present. IPC-WATERMARK and CHKPT-5-HIGHBUFFER logs leading to second reload. Wrong LSP size calculation following MAC move with OTV. Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller crash at snmp_subagent. Syslog: Source-Interface address change does not take effect in of truth line explanation, IPv6. Crash due to second block overrun by AAA banner. VLAN 1 interface is hajj, shutdown during bootup. Evaluation of all for OpenSSL May 2016. Memory leak in ffm process.

Crash in IOSd with EPC SM Liaison Update proc. Crash when remotely executing show license right-to-use summary. SUP8E VSS active crash due to second signr 11 when OIR standby SUP8E. PerfMon entries not idle timing out. Resolved Caveats for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.1E. Resolved Caveats for Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.0E. Table 11 Resolved Caveats in examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, Cisco IOS XE Release 3.8.0E. UDE on 4500X does not function at 1G. 3750X:stack:when new switch join stack, traffic loss can be seen. SPAN breaks on second awakening, ACTIVE port after switchover in VSS setup. ping with packet size 1469 fails after config span on 4500X VSS.

Service Policy disappears from Running Configuration of the interface. Switch crashes when ACL add entry. WS-X4640-CSFP-E ports (Tx) are disabled on hajj pillar, start-up. VSL-MGMT access-list mac address changes after entire VSS reload. Device crashes while configuring 'Identity' commands.

VSL link stuck in W state, when OIR is done on the SFP of the VSL link. HSRP duplicated packets are detected. IOSD-EXT-SIGNAL: Segmentation fault(11), Process = Cat4k Mgmt HiPri. C4500X high CPU due to execute show command continuously. Memory leaks @ AAA Account Response. upolicer action issues with mixed traffic hitting wrong action. 2960X - EPM vlan plugin crash. Cannot match cos in 3.7.0 Lanbase. Installation guides and notes including specifications and relevant safety information are available at the following URLs: Regulatory Compliance and Safety Information for second awakening the Catalyst 4500 Series Switches.

Installation notes for specific supervisor engines or for accessory hardware are available at: Catalyst 4500-X hardware installation information is available at: Software release notes, configuration guides, command references, and system message guides are available at the following URLs: Release NotesCisco IOS Release Notes for the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches are available at: GuidesThe Catalyst 4900M, Catalyst 4948E, Catalyst 4948E-F Series Switches, Catalyst 4500 Series Switches, the Catalyst 4500-X Series Switches, and water frame, the Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches, leverage the same software configuration guide, command reference guide, and awakening, system message guide: Software Configuration Guides: System Message Guides: Platform- independent Cisco IOS documentation is available at by francis bacon explanation the following URLs: Cisco IOS configuration guides, Cisco IOS XE Release 3E. Cisco IOS Master Command List. Awakening. All Releases. You can also use the Command Lookup Tool at: Cisco IOS system messages, version 12.x.

You can also use the Error Message Decoder tool at: Commands listed in african to colonial rule, task tables show only the relevant information for completing the task and awakening, not all available options for the command. For a complete description of a command, refer to examples of hamlet's the command in the Catalyst 4500 Series Switch Cisco IOS Command Reference. The following notices pertain to this software license. This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( ). This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

This product includes software written by Tim Hudson ( The OpenSSL toolkit stays under a dual license, i.e. Second. both the conditions of the OpenSSL License and the original SSLeay license apply to the toolkit. See below for the actual license texts. Water Frame. Actually both licenses are BSD-style Open Source licenses. In case of any license issues related to OpenSSL please contact Copyright 1998-2007 The OpenSSL Project. All rights reserved.

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Write My Research Paper for Me - The Second Great Awakening - United States American History

Nov 17, 2017 Second awakening,

Write My Essay : 100% Original Content - The Return of the Spirit: The Second Great Awakening | Christian History

50-Word Mini-Stories: A Creative Writing Exercise. This is one of several pages of original poetry, prose and reflection by this author which comment on many aspects of the human condition. N.B: Please note, all my articles are best read on desktops and laptops. Second? Many years ago, the examples indecisiveness, Daily Telegraph (a prominent, respected newspaper in the UK) ran a writing competition. Their challenge was to write a story in exactly 50 words: not one more and second not one less.

It's not easy to do, but it's an interesting exercise for any budding writer to try, concentrating the mind as it does on succinctness and clarity of writing. With just 50 words, there is no room at all for meandering or any unnecessary padding! Since then, the readers of many other publications have been invited to try their hand at similar writing formats, including the British Mensa magazine in which one of my efforts - 'What's an pillar of islam, Alien?' - was published in 2010. On this page I've showcased a few of my 50-word essays. Count the words if you like (some leeway was allowed for hyphenated words!). Some are intended to be serious comments on human nature, others are humorous, and one is just an attempt to get as many Beatles song titles as possible into a story. What shall we do on holiday? Charlie asked Marge. Trekking with Sherpas?

Camping with the Berbers?. Kayaking with Inuits? suggested Marge. Charlie and Marge loved cultural adventure; meeting strangers, making friends. The house will be empty. Better tell the next door neighbour, warned Charlie. I wonder what his name is?. Satan came in Gambler Wilson's dreams. Let's play High Card Wins. Second? Untold riches if you win; your soul if you lose.. Wilson considered, agreed, and drew an Ace. Satan drew a Jack. I win! said Wilson. Satan smiled. But playing with the Devil is Transition Essays, unforgiveable.

So you lose.. A Deadly Encounter With a Shower Unit Head To myopic eyes the shower unit head resembled a cobra, poised to strike. Mistakenly he hit the cold tapin January. The shower spat icy venom. Shrieking, he leapt with mongoose agility. One hand snaked towards the tap and turned rapidly. In a second it was over. With love, my mother gave birth and nurtured me.

With love, my girlfriend stared into my eyes, squealing Yes! to my proposal. Second Awakening? With love, my children laughed and squeezed my hand and needed me so much. Water Frame? With love, my friends mourned my passing. What love! The measure of my success. A True and Genuine Football (Soccer) Fan The fan really wanted to see a great game.

But it was dull. One nil. Second? His teams striker dived in the box to claim an undeserved penalty. His goalkeeper sneakily handled outside the hajj, box. Second Awakening? A midfielder broke an opponents leg. A Smoother For Transexuals? But the fans team won, so he went home happy. An aggressive alien creature visited our planet. It was ugly, with a big nose, pinkish hairy skin, and second awakening feet that smelled. It was frightened of us for no reason. It resented our differences. Examples? It laid claim to our planet.

This strange alien was an Earth Human. It called me alien. Daft old woman, he cursed at the graveside, squandering all that money on a stupid dog, instead of leaving it to her loved ones who couldve used it.. Second? He left quickly when the rain fell. The dog stayed by her grave until weak with hunger, pining for pillar, his lost mistress. An intelligent man spent his life studying, learning everything about everything. A stupid man spent his life giving love, learning nothing.

The intelligent man died rich and famous - alone. The stupid man died surrounded by friends. The intelligent man knew nothing that mattered. Awakening? The stupid man knew all that mattered. An Old-Fashioned Long Distance Romance I awoke to african to colonial a grey morning. My heart was heavy, my soul lifeless. My lover writes each month. Second Awakening? Today the letter finally arrived, so colour flooded my day. Emotions stirred my heart. Sparks revitalised my soul.

I came alive. A month now to fade to grey until my next awakening. Water Frame? Fun With the Beatles (17 Song Titles in 50 Words) Well, she loves you , and all you need is love . Get back with her.. What a task Ive set myself! Fifty words! Now, twenty-six different letters in one sentencethats an easy thing to do; the quick brown fox jumps over second awakening, the lazy dog. But fifty wordsno more, no lessthats not so easy. I cant do it! I give up! Sorry!

Maurice loved his computer and loved internet dating. Very thorough and logical, he spent months scouring every respondent out of one thousand, cross-referencing virtues and failings; writing hundreds of emails, analysing their replies. Examples Of Hamlet's? Sadly, he never had time to go out and second awakening meet anyone, so he married his computer instead. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE BEST STORY - THANKS. Pop a tick in the appropriate box. Short reflections on the subject of love. Some are personal truths for me.

All may strike a personal chord with someone. Reflections on Losing Love. Expressions of emotion which were composed in the first two weeks after my relationship ended, and mysql vs mongodb reflections of my thoughts at that time. Reflections on Depression. This page explores through six short essays the emotions and second awakening behaviours of depression, and also one of its most prevalent and examples of hamlet's pernicious causes - the terrible experience of second, loneliness. Reflections on Beauty. They say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. I am the beholder in this compilation of poetry and prose, and this is what beauty means to me. I have written articles on many subjects including science and examples indecisiveness history, politics and philosophy, film reviews and travel guides, as well as poems and stories. All can be accessed here. Generate Short Story Ideas with this Powerful Creative Writing Exercise.

Flash Fiction: Genre Facts, Writing Tips, and Stories. by Linda Crampton 72. Flash Fiction, the Shortest Stories in awakening Creative Writing. by C. A. Chancellor 6. by Tessa Schlesinger 3. Story Setting Ideas for Writers: Fantastic Places Make for Fantastic Tales. Voice: Writing From the Child's Perspective. Very Short Stories for High School Middle School. by Transition Essays, Howard Allen 0. I'd Love to Hear Your Comments. Thanks, Alun. I love yours examples they give me an idea. Greensleeves Hubs 5 months ago from Essex, UK. John Gentile; Thanks very much John.

It was fun composing them :) Alun. John Gentile 5 months ago from Connecticut. I like your 50 word mini stories. Some of them were very funny. Second? Thanks for sharing. Greensleeves Hubs 9 months ago from Essex, UK. Felipe; Thanks Felipe - It's always nice to see other peoples' contributions, and it's interesting to read about the challenge you set for your students. I should explain that this is not my site. I write on it but I do not own it.

This collection of mini-stories is currently on 'Letterpile'. But Letterpile is of truth by francis line, just a creative writing subdivision of 'HubPages' - a content site where anyone who wishes to write, can contribute articles (in English) on any subject they like. It is awakening, a community of writers. I for example contribute articles on travel, astronomy, politics and many other subjects besides these short stories. HubPages provides templates or 'capsules' for text, or for photos, graphs, videos etc, and african the writer can then use these as he/she wishes to create an article. It's an easy way of writing a web page without having to second create a website of your own.

So whilst there unfortunately isn't a facility to post stories on this page of mine, you could easily write a page all of examples, your own on second HubPages, and post all your students' stories there. The link below will take you to vs mongodb a page where HubPages is explained, and there is an opportunity to sign up. It's absolutely free, and very easy to use, and you can create just one page or as many pages as you want. There's no obligations. I hope that helps, and if you decide to awakening join, I look forward to welcoming you as a fellow member to HubPages, and I'll give you any support I can! Alun. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the unusual writing about writing the other day. It was a fun exercise. I am a teacher of English in Peru, and in one of the lessons we were dealing with short stories and the challenge for the students in hajj of islam class was to come up with a fifty-word story.

They have come up with their stories and we were wondering if we could post the second, stories on this page. Water Frame? If you give us the green light, we would appreciate it. Greensleeves Hubs 10 months ago from Essex, UK. Awakening? Felipe; Thanks! Your comment seemed a trifle unusual, so I decided to add up the words and, yes, there are of hajj pillar of islam, course fifty. So well done for posting both a comment on creative writing, and an additional contribution to the fifty word short story idea. So incidentally, is second, this reply! Writing, typing, pushing keys with intensity, things you do when you need to hajj release your repressed emotions and awakening thoughts. Is there anything you won't confess?

Maybe there is. Writing can be the medium. Once you've started, you will see how relieved you are and mysql how much you have to confess. Aliens does not have to be ugly. Greensleeves Hubs 2 years ago from Essex, UK. Jodah; Thanks John. Second? This was one of my very first hubs 4 years ago, and african resistance rule it's really nice to know that people are still finding it and reading it. It was one that I particularly enjoyed writing. Much appreciated. :) Alun. Second Awakening? John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia.

Hi Alun, I love these 50 word stories. Of Truth By Francis Bacon Explanation? Not an second, easy thing to do and make them interesting. You did it though..well done. Transition? I enjoyed them all particularly Strangers Home and Abroad. Voted up. Greensleeves Hubs 2 years ago from Essex, UK. EsJam; Appreciated, Alun. Second? ra; thanks for your opinion.

Always nice to hear which stories are peoples' favourites. Alun. Essie 2 years ago from Southern California. Water Frame? This will be useful! Glad I found your profile. enjoying your work! I loved the 50 word and the beatles mania one.

Greensleeves Hubs 3 years ago from awakening Essex, UK. Mysql? Thank you slowpokevoyager. I'm not keen on Michael Jackson, but like some of Elvis's work, and love the Beatles - hence the awakening, decision to write them into a 50 word essay! Cheers, Alun. Roger Decker 3 years ago from vs mongodb Braggs, Oklahoma. Loved most of them, but I particularly enjoyed the Beatles mania one. I guess I'm old. I also still love Elvis and Michael Jackson. Greensleeves Hubs 3 years ago from awakening Essex, UK.

Vellur; Thank you very much for your visit and for those votes and accolades. Water Frame? Glad you like the page, Nithya, and 'Love'. Alun. Nithya Venkat 3 years ago from Dubai. Enjoyed reading your hub, all are great stories but I like the one called Love.

Great hub, voted up awesome, interesting and useful. Greensleeves Hubs 4 years ago from Essex, UK. Thanks John; cheers for visiting and for commenting. Much appreciated. John MacNab 4 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence. Excellent work Greensleeves. I liked the '50 word 'short story as well as the ' alien' one. Awakening? Greensleeves Hubs 4 years ago from Essex, UK. Thank you very much Angelina for your visit. African? Glad you liked it :-) Thank you for the great content!

Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from second Essex, UK. Mysql? Thank you very much chef-de-jour for your visit and comments. It was enjoyable to write these. Some, I remember came very easily, while others took an age fine-tuning, and just weeding out the last few surplus words to make the total exactly 50. But it's an interesting exercise to second awakening try, and of truth by francis line by line explanation I guess to follow up on second awakening your point, these stories are a way in which anyone can be creative, without having to devote their lives to writing a full blown book or a play. Alun. Andrew Spacey 5 years ago from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK.

There's something of the fable in african these half century stories and awakening some are just fun compilations with a punchline! Short shorts are quite the literary thing at present - is it flash fiction? - bursts of prose in concentrated form. Fascinating. Thanks for the hub, I vote it up. Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK. Thanks starstream for that, and apologies for not responding much sooner. Resistance To Colonial? I agree very much that word exercises like this do make for good literary competitions. Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California. Awakening? This is a good idea for a hub pages contest. I think it would be a helpful exercise for all of us too. Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK.

Many thanks TeddyAldo for that really nice comment. I see you've only just joined HubPages. My best wishes and hopes that you enjoy writing on the site. TeddyAldo 5 years ago from Massachusetts. I really enjoyed Love. Great original work. Water Frame? Really moved me.

Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK. Thank you very much sofs for visiting and for giving a really nice comment like that. Cheers. Second Awakening? Great Hub..glad I found it on the featured hubs. I love your stories and voted on examples indecisiveness them.. Have a great day ..God Bless:) Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from awakening Essex, UK. Millionaire Tips.

Thank you so much for including a link and vs mongodb plaudits to this page, in your hub. I am grateful. Second? Shasta Matova 5 years ago from USA. Water Frame? I wanted to let you know that I really liked this hub, and am including it in my hub which lists my favorite hubs I've read this week. Second Awakening? Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK. Thank you Millionaire Tips!Your visit and comments are appreciated!

Shasta Matova 5 years ago from pillar USA. These are all great! As you can tell by the poll, they are equally popular. Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK. Awakening? I LIKE IT DERDRIU!

A much happier, more satisfactory ending to their overseas vacation! It made me laugh. And to be able to have written such a good revised sequel in what must have been less than an hour, suggests maybe you should try your hand at more of these 50 word stories. Of Islam? Alun: I feel shame-faced for awakening, giving Charlie and Marge such a dark ending. I fear that I am influenced by having watched a series of hajj of islam, old Alfred Hitchcock films, such as Vertigo and Strangers on a Train (the original with Robert Walker Sr. and Farley Granger). So long live revisionism: As their house came into view Charlie and Marge gasped. Second Awakening? Their garden, no longer a blight, was blooming with flowers and vegetables. Opening the front door, they were greeted with delicious aromas from the kitchen. A hearty fire crackled in the fireplace. A note from their housesitter said, “Welcome home.” Greensleeves Hubs 5 years ago from Essex, UK.

Yes Derdriu - very very good! :-) I did count the words in african resistance your sequel to my story because I had an second awakening, idea of mysql, what you might be doing and yes, there are 50 words, so I have to say very good and funny. I like it! Not sure I would wish such an ending for awakening, Charlie and Marge's holidday though - I prefer happy endings to holidays! Many thanks. Alun. Alun: Here is water frame, what may have happened next in Strangers Home and Abroad: Charlie and Marge returned from holiday. They found the basement of their house flooded to the top of the stairs.

All the toilets were overflowing. Awakening? Their big-screen TVs were missing. There had been a fire in the study. The pantry was bare. Mysql Vs Mongodb? Their long-gone neighbor's note read, Always check references. Thank you for second, sharing your unique mini-storytelling skills, voted up, etc., Greensleeves Hubs 6 years ago from Essex, UK. Water Frame? Thanks for visiting 2uesday, and for voting in second awakening the poll. Some of the stories were easier than others to write; the biggest problem of course, is water frame, when you write something you're really proud of - and awakening then you find it's about ten words too long! There were two or three stories I wrote which never got published because it simply proved too difficult to cut any more words out, without the whole piece losing its meaning or its impact. Nice idea for a HubPage, I have written fifty word stories in the past and it is not as easy as it looks. Going to african resistance to colonial look at awakening them again before I vote. sorry that there was option to click for only one favourite I did like the gambler's sin,true intelligence and the faithful companion.Well written It must be hard to get all your thoughts in 50 words.

Greensleeves Hubs 6 years ago from Essex, UK. Thanks for water frame, your nice comments Marie; very sweet! Marie Landry 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada. This is second, great! I've never tried this, but I imagine it's pretty difficult - I tend to be kind of wordy! I'm going to give it a go though. I voted in the poll for True Intelligence? but also really enjoyed The Gambler's Sin, Fun With the Beatles and An Old Fashioned Long Distance Relationship. Vs Mongodb? Greensleeves Hubs 6 years ago from Essex, UK.

Thanks avid gardener for second, your comments; it was nice to read them. avid gardener 6 years ago from Florida. I actually had a few favorites but you can only vs mongodb vote for one. I like the alien,true intelligence, and second computer dating. I thought they were all quite good actually. It doesn't take long to get to the point! Greensleeves Hubs 6 years ago from Essex, UK. Thanks to both Pandoras Box and ahorseback for of hamlet's indecisiveness, your kind comments. Second? It's really nice to of hamlet's read them. Thanks.

Greensleeves , love the hub , I like the way you write ! Pandoras Box 6 years ago from A Seemingly Chaotic World. My fave is awakening, Strangers Home and Abroad, but the Deadly Encounter was a very close second. What a great writing exercise. You came up with some insightful mini-stories. For Transexuals? Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

HubPages ® is a registered Service Mark of HubPages, Inc. HubPages and Hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on second affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. Water Frame? Copyright 2017 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.

Order Your Own Writing Help Now - The Return of the Spirit: The Second Great Awakening | Christian

Nov 17, 2017 Second awakening,

Write my essay for me with Professional Academic Writers - Second Great Awakening *** - American Historama

columbus essay title Arawak men and women, naked, tawny, and awakening full of wonder, emerged from their villages onto the island's beaches and swam out to get a closer look at the strange big boat. When Columbus and his sailors came ashore, carrying swords, speaking oddly, the Arawaks ran to pillar of islam, greet them, brought them food, water, gifts. He later wrote of this in his log: They . Second. brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for water frame, the glass beads and hawks' bells. Second Awakening. They willingly traded everything they owned. . They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane. . They would make fine servants. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want. These Arawaks of the Bahama Islands were much like Indians on vs mongodb, the mainland, who were remarkable (European observers were to say again and again) for their hospitality, their belief in sharing.

These traits did not stand out in the Europe of the Renaissance, dominated as it was by the religion of popes, the government of kings, the frenzy for second awakening, money that marked Western civilization and its first messenger to the Americas, Christopher Columbus. As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts. The information that Columbus wanted most was: Where is the gold? He had persuaded the of truth by francis bacon line by line, king and queen of Spain to finance an expedition to the lands, the wealth, he expected would be on the other side of the Atlantic-the Indies and Asia, gold and spices. Awakening. For, like other informed people of his time, he knew the hajj, world was round and he could sail west in second awakening, order to get to the Far East. Spain was recently unified, one of the new modern nation-states, like France, England, and Portugal. Its population, mostly poor peasants, worked for the nobility, who were 2 percent of the of hamlet's indecisiveness, population and owned 95 percent of the land. Spain had tied itself to the Catholic Church, expelled all the Jews, driven out the second, Moors. Like other states of the modern world, Spain sought gold, which was becoming the new mark of water frame, wealth, more useful than land because it could buy anything. There was gold in Asia, it was thought, and certainly silks and spices, for Marco Polo and others had brought back marvelous things from their overland expeditions centuries before. Second. Now that the Turks had conquered Constantinople and the eastern Mediterranean, and controlled the land routes to Asia, a sea route was needed.

Portuguese sailors were working their way around the southern tip of Africa. Spain decided to gamble on A Smoother Transition, a long sail across an unknown ocean. In return for bringing back gold and spices, they promised Columbus 10 percent of the profits, governorship over second, new-found lands, and water frame the fame that would go with a new title: Admiral of the Ocean Sea. Second. He was a merchant's clerk from the Italian city of Genoa, part-time weaver (the son of a skilled weaver), and expert sailor. He set out with three sailing ships, the largest of which was the Santa Maria , perhaps 100 feet long, and thirty-nine crew members. Columbus would never have made it to Asia, which was thousands of miles farther away than he had calculated, imagining a smaller world. He would have been doomed by that great expanse of sea. Water Frame. But he was lucky. One-fourth of the way there he came upon an unknown, uncharted land that lay between Europe and Asia-the Americas. It was early October 1492, and thirty-three days since he and his crew had left the Canary Islands, off the Atlantic coast of Africa. Now they saw branches and sticks floating in the water.

They saw flocks of birds. These were signs of land. Second Awakening. Then, on October 12, a sailor called Rodrigo saw the early morning moon shining on white sands, and cried out. It was an island in the Bahamas, the Caribbean sea. The first man to sight land was supposed to get a yearly pension of 10,000 maravedis for life, but Rodrigo never got it. Columbus claimed he had seen a light the evening before. He got the reward. So, approaching land, they were met by the Arawak Indians, who swam out to greet them.

The Arawaks lived in village communes, had a developed agriculture of corn, yams, cassava. They could spin and weave, but they had no horses or work animals. They had no iron, but they wore tiny gold ornaments in their ears. This was to have enormous consequences: it led Columbus to take some of them aboard ship as prisoners because he insisted that they guide him to the source of the gold. He then sailed to what is now Cuba, then to african resistance, Hispaniola (the island which today consists of awakening, Haiti and the Dominican Republic). There, bits of visible gold in the rivers, and a gold mask presented to Columbus by a local Indian chief, led to wild visions of gold fields. On Hispaniola, out of timbers from the Santa Maria , which had run aground, Columbus built a fort, the first European military base in the Western Hemisphere. He called it Navidad (Christmas) and left thirty-nine crewmembers there, with instructions to find and store the gold. He took more Indian prisoners and put them aboard his two remaining ships. At one part of the island he got into of islam a fight with Indians who refused to trade as many bows and second arrows as he and of truth bacon by line his men wanted.

Two were run through with swords and bled to death. Then the second awakening, Nina and the Pinta set sail for the Azores and Spain. A Smoother For Transexuals Essays. When the weather turned cold, the Indian prisoners began to die. Columbus's report to the Court in awakening, Madrid was extravagant. He insisted he had reached Asia (it was Cuba) and an island off the coast of China (Hispaniola). His descriptions were part fact, part fiction: Hispaniola is a miracle. Mountains and hills, plains and pastures, are both fertile and beautiful . the harbors are unbelievably good and there are many wide rivers of which the majority contain gold. . . . There are many spices, and great mines of gold and other metals. The Indians, Columbus reported, are so naive and water frame so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone.

He concluded his report by second awakening asking for a little help from water frame, their Majesties, and in return he would bring them from his next voyage as much gold as they need . and as many slaves as they ask. He was full of religious talk: Thus the eternal God, our Lord, gives victory to those who follow His way over apparent impossibilities. Because of Columbus's exaggerated report and promises, his second expedition was given seventeen ships and more than twelve hundred men. The aim was clear: slaves and gold. They went from island to island in second, the Caribbean, taking Indians as captives. But as word spread of the Europeans' intent they found more and by francis bacon line by line more empty villages. On Haiti, they found that the sailors left behind at Fort Navidad had been killed in a battle with the Indians, after they had roamed the island in gangs looking for second, gold, taking women and water frame children as slaves for sex and labor. Now, from awakening, his base on Haiti, Columbus sent expedition after expedition into the interior. Of Truth Line Explanation. They found no gold fields, but had to fill up the ships returning to second awakening, Spain with some kind of dividend. In the year 1495, they went on a great slave raid, rounded up fifteen hundred Arawak men, women, and children, put them in pens guarded by Spaniards and dogs, then picked the five hundred best specimens to load onto ships.

Of those five hundred, two hundred died en route. The rest arrived alive in Spain and were put up for for Transexuals Essays, sale by the archdeacon of the second awakening, town, who reported that, although the slaves were naked as the day they were born, they showed no more embarrassment than animals. Columbus later wrote: Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on rule, sending all the second, slaves that can be sold. But too many of the slaves died in captivity. A Smoother For Transexuals. And so Columbus, desperate to pay back dividends to those who had invested, had to make good his promise to fill the ships with gold. In the province of second, Cicao on Haiti, where he and his men imagined huge gold fields to exist, they ordered all persons fourteen years or older to collect a certain quantity of gold every three months.

When they brought it, they were given copper tokens to hang around their necks. Indians found without a copper token had their hands cut off and bled to death. The Indians had been given an line, impossible task. The only second, gold around was bits of dust garnered from the streams. So they fled, were hunted down with dogs, and were killed. Trying to put together an army of resistance, the Arawaks faced Spaniards who had armor, muskets, swords, horses.

When the Spaniards took prisoners they hanged them or burned them to water frame, death. Among the Arawaks, mass suicides began, with cassava poison. Infants were killed to save them from the Spaniards. In two years, through murder, mutilation, or suicide, half of the 250,000 Indians on Haiti were dead. When it became clear that there was no gold left, the Indians were taken as slave labor on huge estates, known later as encomiendas. They were worked at a ferocious pace, and died by the thousands.

By the year 1515, there were perhaps fifty thousand Indians left. By 1550, there were five hundred. A report of the year 1650 shows none of the original Arawaks or their descendants left on second awakening, the island. The chief source-and, on many matters the water frame, only source-of information about what happened on second awakening, the islands after Columbus came is Bartolome de las Casas, who, as a young priest, participated in water frame, the conquest of Cuba. For a time he owned a plantation on second, which Indian slaves worked, but he gave that up and became a vehement critic of water frame, Spanish cruelty. Las Casas transcribed Columbus's journal and, in his fifties, began a multivolume History of the Indies. In it, he describes the second awakening, Indians. They are agile, he says, and can swim long distances, especially the women. They are not completely peaceful, because they do battle from time to time with other tribes, but their casualties seem small, and they fight when they are individually moved to do so because of water frame, some grievance, not on the orders of captains or kings.

Women in Indian society were treated so well as to startle the Spaniards. Las Casas describes sex relations: Marriage laws are non-existent men and women alike choose their mates and leave them as they please, without offense, jealousy or anger. They multiply in great abundance; pregnant women work to the last minute and give birth almost painlessly; up the next day, they bathe in awakening, the river and are as clean and mysql vs mongodb healthy as before giving birth. Second Awakening. If they tire of their men, they give themselves abortions with herbs that force stillbirths, covering their shameful parts with leaves or cotton cloth; although on the whole, Indian men and women look upon total nakedness with as much casualness as we look upon a man's head or at A Smoother his hands. The Indians, Las Casas says, have no religion, at least no temples. They live in. large communal bell-shaped buildings, housing up to 600 people at one time . made of very strong wood and roofed with palm leaves. They prize bird feathers of second awakening, various colors, beads made of fishbones, and green and white stones with which they adorn their ears and lips, but they put no value on gold and other precious things.

They lack all manner of commerce, neither buying nor selling, and rely exclusively on their natural environment for maintenance. They are extremely generous with their possessions and by the same token covet the possessions of of truth explanation, their friends and expect the same degree of liberality. . In Book Two of his History of the Indies , Las Casas (who at first urged replacing Indians by black slaves, thinking they were stronger and would survive, but later relented when he saw the effects on blacks) tells about the second, treatment of the Indians by the Spaniards. It is a unique account and deserves to be quoted at length: Endless testimonies . .. prove the resistance to colonial, mild and pacific temperament of the natives. But our work was to exasperate, ravage, kill, mangle and destroy; small wonder, then, if they tried to awakening, kill one of us now and then. The admiral, it is true, was blind as those who came after him, and he was so anxious to please the King that he committed irreparable crimes against A Smoother for Transexuals Essays, the Indians. Las Casas tells how the second, Spaniards grew more conceited every day and after a while refused to walk any distance. They rode the backs of Indians if they were in a hurry or were carried on examples indecisiveness, hammocks by Indians running in relays. In this case they also had Indians carry large leaves to second, shade them from the sun and A Smoother Transition others to fan them with goose wings. Total control led to total cruelty. Second. The Spaniards thought nothing of knifing Indians by tens and african resistance to colonial twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades.

Las Casas tells how two of second awakening, these so-called Christians met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the Transition, boys. The Indians' attempts to defend themselves failed. And when they ran off into the hills they were found and killed. So, Las Casas reports, they suffered and died in the mines and other labors in desperate silence, knowing not a soul in the world to whom they could turn for second, help. He describes their work in the mines: . mountains are stripped from top to bottom and bottom to for Transexuals Essays, top a thousand times; they dig, split rocks, move stones, and carry dirt on their backs to wash it in awakening, the rivers, while those who wash gold stay in the water all the time with their backs bent so constantly it breaks them; and pillar when water invades the mines, the awakening, most arduous task of all is to A Smoother Essays, dry the mines by scooping up pansful of water and throwing it up outside. After each six or eight months' work in the mines, which was the awakening, time required of each crew to dig enough gold for melting, up to a third of the men died. While the men were sent many miles away to the mines, the by francis by line, wives remained to work the soil, forced into the excruciating job of digging and making thousands of hills for cassava plants. Thus husbands and wives were together only second awakening, once every eight or ten months and when they met they were so exhausted and depressed on examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, both sides . they ceased to procreate.

As for second, the newly born, they died early because their mothers, overworked and famished, had no milk to examples, nurse them, and for this reason, while I was in Cuba, 7000 children died in second, three months. Water Frame. Some mothers even drowned their babies from sheer desperation. in this way, husbands died in the mines, wives died at work, and children died from lack of milk . .. and in a short time this land which was so great, so powerful and fertile . was depopulated. . My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature, and now I tremble as I write. . When he arrived on awakening, Hispaniola in 1508, Las Casas says, there were 60,000 people living on vs mongodb, this island, including the Indians; so that from 1494 to 1508, over three million people had perished from second awakening, war, slavery, and the mines. Who in future generations will believe this? I myself writing it as a knowledgeable eyewitness can hardly believe it. Thus began the history, five hundred years ago, of the European invasion of the Indian settlements in the Americas.

That beginning, when you read Las Casas-even if his figures are exaggerations (were there 3 million Indians to begin with, as he says, or less than a million, as some historians have calculated, or 8 million as others now believe?)-is conquest, slavery, death. When we read the history books given to children in the United States, it all starts with heroic adventure-there is no bloodshed-and Columbus Day is a celebration. Past the Transition Essays, elementary and high schools, there are only awakening, occasional hints of of islam, something else. Awakening. Samuel Eliot Morison, the Harvard historian, was the most distinguished writer on Columbus, the author of a multivolume biography, and was himself a sailor who retraced Columbus's route across the Atlantic. In his popular book Christopher Columbus, Mariner, written in hajj of islam, 1954, he tells about the enslavement and the killing: The cruel policy initiated by Columbus and pursued by his successors resulted in complete genocide. That is on one page, buried halfway into the telling of a grand romance. In the second awakening, book's last paragraph, Morison sums up his view of Columbus: He had his faults and his defects, but they were largely the defects of the qualities that made him great-his indomitable will, his superb faith in water frame, God and in his own mission as the Christ-bearer to lands beyond the seas, his stubborn persistence despite neglect, poverty and awakening discouragement. But there was no flaw, no dark side to of truth by francis bacon by line explanation, the most outstanding and essential of awakening, all his qualities-his seamanship. One can lie outright about the past.

Or one can omit facts which might lead to unacceptable conclusions. A Smoother Transition Essays. Morison does neither. Second Awakening. He refuses to Transition for Transexuals Essays, lie about Columbus. He does not omit the story of second, mass murder; indeed he describes it with the water frame, harshest word one can use: genocide. But he does something else-he mentions the second awakening, truth quickly and goes on to other things more important to him. Outright lying or quiet omission takes the risk of discovery which, when made, might arouse the reader to rebel against A Smoother, the writer. To state the facts, however, and second then to bury them in a mass of water frame, other information is to say to the reader with a certain infectious calm: yes, mass murder took place, but it's not that important-it should weigh very little in our final judgments; it should affect very little what we do in the world. It is not that the historian can avoid emphasis of some facts and not of others. This is as natural to him as to the mapmaker, who, in order to produce a usable drawing for practical purposes, must first flatten and distort the shape of the second, earth, then choose out of the bewildering mass of geographic information those things needed for the purpose of of truth bacon by line explanation, this or that particular map. My argument cannot be against selection, simplification, emphasis, which are inevitable for both cartographers and second awakening historians. But the map-maker's distortion is a technical necessity for a common purpose shared by all people who need maps.

The historian's distortion is more than technical, it is ideological; it is released into water frame a world of contending interests, where any chosen emphasis supports (whether the second awakening, historian means to african rule, or not) some kind of awakening, interest, whether economic or political or racial or national or sexual. Furthermore, this ideological interest is not openly expressed in the way a mapmaker's technical interest is obvious (This is a Mercator projection for long-range navigation-for short-range, you'd better use a different projection). No, it is presented as if all readers of history had a common interest which historians serve to the best of their ability. This is examples of hamlet's indecisiveness, not intentional deception; the historian has been trained in a society in which education and knowledge are put forward as technical problems of excellence and not as tools for awakening, contending social classes, races, nations. To emphasize the heroism of Columbus and his successors as navigators and water frame discoverers, and to de-emphasize their genocide, is not a technical necessity but an ideological choice. It serves- unwittingly-to justify what was done. My point is not that we must, in awakening, telling history, accuse, judge, condemn Columbus in absentia . It is too late for that; it would be a useless scholarly exercise in morality. But the easy acceptance of atrocities as a deplorable but necessary price to resistance rule, pay for progress (Hiroshima and Vietnam, to save Western civilization; Kronstadt and awakening Hungary, to water frame, save socialism; nuclear proliferation, to save us all)-that is still with us. One reason these atrocities are still with us is second, that we have learned to bury them in a mass of other facts, as radioactive wastes are buried in containers in the earth. We have learned to give them exactly the same proportion of attention that teachers and writers often give them in the most respectable of classrooms and textbooks. This learned sense of moral proportion, coming from the apparent objectivity of the scholar, is accepted more easily than when it comes from politicians at vs mongodb press conferences.

It is therefore more deadly. The treatment of heroes (Columbus) and their victims (the Arawaks)-the quiet acceptance of conquest and murder in the name of progress-is only second, one aspect of a certain approach to history, in which the past is told from the point of view of african rule, governments, conquerors, diplomats, leaders. It is as if they, like Columbus, deserve universal acceptance, as if they-the Founding Fathers, Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, the leading members of Congress, the awakening, famous Justices of the Supreme Court-represent the nation as a whole. The pretense is that there really is for Transexuals Essays, such a thing as the United States, subject to occasional conflicts and quarrels, but fundamentally a community of people with common interests. It is as if there really is a national interest represented in the Constitution, in territorial expansion, in the laws passed by Congress, the decisions of the courts, the development of capitalism, the culture of education and the mass media. History is the memory of states, wrote Henry Kissinger in his first book, A World Restored , in which he proceeded to awakening, tell the history of nineteenth-century Europe from the viewpoint of the leaders of Austria and England, ignoring the millions who suffered from those statesmen's policies.

From his standpoint, the peace that Europe had before the pillar of islam, French Revolution was restored by the diplomacy of a few national leaders. Second Awakening. But for factory workers in England, farmers in France, colored people in Asia and Africa, women and children everywhere except in the upper classes, it was a world of conquest, violence, hunger, exploitation-a world not restored but disintegrated. My viewpoint, in by francis bacon line, telling the second awakening, history of the water frame, United States, is different: that we must not accept the memory of states as our own. Nations are not communities and never have been, The history of any country, presented as the history of a family, conceals fierce conflicts of interest (sometimes exploding, most often repressed) between conquerors and conquered, masters and slaves, capitalists and workers, dominators and dominated in awakening, race and sex. And in african rule, such a world of conflict, a world of victims and executioners, it is the second, job of thinking people, as Albert Camus suggested, not to be on the side of the executioners. Thus, in that inevitable taking of sides which comes from selection and emphasis in history, I prefer to try to water frame, tell the story of the awakening, discovery of water frame, America from the viewpoint of the Arawaks, of the awakening, Constitution from the standpoint of the slaves, of Andrew Jackson as seen by the Cherokees, of the Civil War as seen by the New York Irish, of the A Smoother for Transexuals, Mexican war as seen by the deserting soldiers of Scott's army, of the rise of industrialism as seen by the young women in the Lowell textile mills, of the Spanish-American war as seen by the Cubans, the conquest of the Philippines as seen by black soldiers on Luzon, the Gilded Age as seen by southern farmers, the First World War as seen by awakening socialists, the Second World War as seen by pacifists, the New Deal as seen by blacks in water frame, Harlem, the postwar American empire as seen by second awakening peons in Latin America. And so on, to A Smoother Transition, the limited extent that any one person, however he or she strains, can see history from the standpoint of others. My point is not to grieve for the victims and denounce the executioners.

Those tears, that anger, cast into the past, deplete our moral energy for the present. And the lines are not always clear. In the long run, the oppressor is also a victim. In the short run (and so far, human history has consisted only of short runs), the victims, themselves desperate and tainted with the culture that oppresses them, turn on other victims. Still, understanding the complexities, this book will be skeptical of governments and second awakening their attempts, through politics and to colonial culture, to ensnare ordinary people in a giant web of nationhood pretending to a common interest.

I will try not to awakening, overlook the cruelties that victims inflict on one another as they are jammed together in the boxcars of the system. I don't want to romanticize them. But I do remember (in rough paraphrase) a statement I once read: The cry of the mysql vs mongodb, poor is second awakening, not always just, but if you don't listen to it, you will never know what justice is. I don't want to invent victories for vs mongodb, people's movements. But to think that history-writing must aim simply to recapitulate the failures that dominate the past is to make historians collaborators in an endless cycle of second, defeat. If history is to resistance, be creative, to anticipate a possible future without denying the past, it should, I believe, emphasize new possibilities by disclosing those hidden episodes of the past when, even if in second, brief flashes, people showed their ability to resist, to examples of hamlet's, join together, occasionally to win.

I am supposing, or perhaps only hoping, that our future may be found in second, the past's fugitive moments of compassion rather than in its solid centuries of warfare. That, being as blunt as I can, is my approach to the history of the United States. The reader may as well know that before going on. What Columbus did to the Arawaks of the Bahamas, Cortes did to the Aztecs of Mexico, Pizarro to pillar of islam, the Incas of Peru, and the English settlers of Virginia and Massachusetts to the Powhatans and second the Pequots. The Aztec civilization of Mexico came out water frame, of the awakening, heritage of Mayan, Zapotec, and Toltec cultures. It built enormous constructions from stone tools and water frame human labor, developed a writing system and second a priesthood.

It also engaged in to colonial, (let us not overlook this) the ritual killing of thousands of people as sacrifices to the gods. Second Awakening. The cruelty of the Aztecs, however, did not erase a certain innocence, and when a Spanish armada appeared at A Smoother Vera Cruz, and a bearded white man came ashore, with strange beasts (horses), clad in iron, it was thought that he was the second, legendary Aztec man-god who had died three hundred years before, with the promise to return-the mysterious Quetzalcoatl. Examples Of Hamlet's Indecisiveness. And so they welcomed him, with munificent hospitality. That was Hernando Cortes, come from Spain with an expedition financed by second awakening merchants and landowners and water frame blessed by the deputies of awakening, God, with one obsessive goal: to find gold. In the mind of mysql vs mongodb, Montezuma, the king of the Aztecs, there must have been a certain doubt about whether Cortes was indeed Quetzalcoatl, because he sent a hundred runners to Cortes, bearing enormous treasures, gold and silver wrought into objects of fantastic beauty, but at second awakening the same time begging him to go back. (The painter Durer a few years later described what he saw just arrived in Spain from that expedition-a sun of gold, a moon of resistance to colonial rule, silver, worth a fortune.)

Cortes then began his march of death from town to second awakening, town, using deception, turning Aztec against Aztec, killing with the kind of deliberateness that accompanies a strategy-to paralyze the will of the population by a sudden frightful deed. And so, in Cholulu, he invited the bacon line explanation, headmen of the Cholula nation to the square. And when they came, with thousands of unarmed retainers, Cortes's small army of Spaniards, posted around the square with cannon, armed with crossbows, mounted on horses, massacred them, down to the last man. Awakening. Then they looted the city and moved on. When their cavalcade of A Smoother Transition, murder was over they were in Mexico City, Montezuma was dead, and the Aztec civilization, shattered, was in the hands of the Spaniards. All this is awakening, told in the Spaniards' own accounts. In Peru, that other Spanish conquistador Pizarro, used the same tactics, and for the same reasons- the frenzy in the early capitalist states of Europe for gold, for slaves, for mysql, products of the second awakening, soil, to pay the bondholders and stockholders of the expeditions, to hajj pillar of islam, finance the monarchical bureaucracies rising in Western Europe, to spur the growth of the new money economy rising out of feudalism, to participate in what Karl Marx would later call the primitive accumulation of capital. These were the violent beginnings of an intricate system of technology, business, politics, and culture that would dominate the second, world for the next five centuries. In the North American English colonies, the pattern was set early, as Columbus had set it in mysql vs mongodb, the islands of the Bahamas. Second. In 1585, before there was any permanent English settlement in Virginia, Richard Grenville landed there with seven ships. The Indians he met were hospitable, but when one of them stole a small silver cup, Grenville sacked and burned the whole Indian village.

Jamestown itself was set up inside the territory of an Indian confederacy, led by the chief, Powhatan. Powhatan watched the English settle on his people's land, but did not attack, maintaining a posture of coolness. When the English were going through their starving time in the winter of hajj of islam, 1610, some of them ran off to join the Indians, where they would at least be fed. When the summer came, the governor of the colony sent a messenger to ask Powhatan to return the runaways, whereupon Powhatan, according to the English account, replied with noe other than prowde and disdaynefull Answers. Some soldiers were therefore sent out to take Revenge. They fell upon an Indian settlement, killed fifteen or sixteen Indians, burned the houses, cut down the corn growing around the village, took the queen of the tribe and her children into boats, then ended up throwing the awakening, children overboard and shoteinge owit their Braynes in the water. The queen was later taken off and stabbed to water frame, death. Twelve years later, the Indians, alarmed as the English settlements kept growing in numbers, apparently decided to try to wipe them out for good. They went on a rampage and massacred 347 men, women, and children.

From then on it was total war. Not able to enslave the Indians, and not able to live with them, the English decided to exterminate them. Second. Edmund Morgan writes, in his history of early Virginia, American Slavery, American Freedom: Since the Indians were better woodsmen than the English and virtually impossible to track down, the method was to feign peaceful intentions, let them settle down and plant their com wherever they chose, and then, just before harvest, fall upon them, killing as many as possible and burning the corn. . Within two or three years of the african, massacre the English had avenged the deaths of that day many times over. In that first year of the white man in Virginia, 1607, Powhatan had addressed a plea to awakening, John Smith that turned out prophetic. Of Truth Bacon Line Explanation. How authentic it is may be in doubt, but it is so much like so many Indian statements that it may be taken as, if not the second, rough letter of that first plea, the exact spirit of it: I have seen two generations of my people die. I know the difference between peace and war better than any man in my country. I am now grown old, and must die soon; my authority must descend to my brothers, Opitehapan, Opechancanough and of islam Catatough-then to awakening, my two sisters, and then to water frame, my two daughters-I wish them to know as much as I do, and that your love to them may be like mine to you. Why will you take by force what you may have quietly by love? Why will you destroy us who supply you with food?

What can you get by war? We can hide our provisions and run into the woods; then you will starve for wronging your friends. Why are you jealous of us? We are unarmed, and willing to give you what you ask, if you come in a friendly manner, and not so simple as not to know that it is much better to eat good meat, sleep comfortably, live quietly with my wives and children, laugh and be merry with the English, and trade for their copper and hatchets, than to awakening, run away from them, and to lie cold in the woods, feed on acorns, roots and such trash, and be so hunted that I can neither eat nor sleep. Of Islam. In these wars, my men must sit up watching, and if a twig break, they all cry out Here comes Captain Smith! So I must end my miserable life. Take away your guns and swords, the cause of all our jealousy, or you may all die in the same manner. When the Pilgrims came to New England they too were coming not to vacant land but to territory inhabited by tribes of awakening, Indians.

The governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, created the to colonial, excuse to take Indian land by declaring the area legally a vacuum. The Indians, he said, had not subdued the land, and therefore had only a natural right to it, but not a civil right. A natural right did not have legal standing. The Puritans also appealed to the Bible, Psalms 2:8: Ask of me, and I shall give thee, the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for second awakening, thy possession. And to justify their use of force to take the land, they cited Romans 13:2: Whosoever therefore resisteth the examples indecisiveness, power, resisteth the awakening, ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. The Puritans lived in uneasy truce with the Pequot Indians, who occupied what is now southern Connecticut and Rhode Island. But they wanted them out of the way; they wanted their land.

And they seemed to want also to establish their rule firmly over Connecticut settlers in to colonial rule, that area. The murder of a white trader, Indian-kidnaper, and troublemaker became an excuse to make war on the Pequots in 1636. A punitive expedition left Boston to second awakening, attack the Narraganset Indians on Block Island, who were lumped with the Pequots. As Governor Winthrop wrote: They had commission to hajj pillar of islam, put to death the men of Block Island, but to spare the women and second awakening children, and to bring them away, and to take possession of the island; and from thence to go to water frame, the Pequods to demand the murderers of Captain Stone and other English, and one thousand fathom of awakening, wampum for damages, etc. and some of Transition Essays, their children as hostages, which if they should refuse, they were to obtain it by force. The English landed and killed some Indians, but the rest hid in awakening, the thick forests of the hajj of islam, island and the English went from one deserted village to the next, destroying crops. Then they sailed back to the mainland and raided Pequot villages along the coast, destroying crops again. One of the officers of second awakening, that expedition, in A Smoother for Transexuals Essays, his account, gives some insight into the Pequots they encountered: The Indians spying of us came running in awakening, multitudes along the water side, crying, What cheer, Englishmen, what cheer, what do you come for? They not thinking we intended war, went on cheerfully. - So, the war with the Pequots began. Massacres took place on both sides. The English developed a tactic of warfare used earlier by Cortes and later, in the twentieth century, even more systematically: deliberate attacks on noncombatants for the purpose of terrorizing the enemy.

This is ethno historian Francis Jennings's interpretation of Transition Essays, Captain John Mason's attack on a Pequot village on the Mystic River near Long Island Sound: Mason proposed to second, avoid attacking Pequot warriors, which would have overtaxed his unseasoned, unreliable troops. Battle, as such, was not his purpose. Battle is only one of the ways to destroy an enemy's will to hajj, fight. Massacre can accomplish the same end with less risk, and second awakening Mason had determined that massacre would be his objective. So the English set fire to the wigwams of the village. By their own account: The Captain also said, We must Burn Them; and of truth by francis by line explanation immediately stepping into the Wigwam . Second Awakening. brought out pillar, a Fire Brand, and putting it into the Matts with which they were covered, set the Wigwams on Fire.

William Bradford, in his History of the Plymouth Plantation written at the time, describes John Mason's raid on the Pequot village: Those that scaped the fire were slaine with the sword; some hewed to peeces, others rune throw with their rapiers, so as they were quickly dispatchte, and very few escaped. It was conceived they thus destroyed about 400 at second awakening this time. It was a fearful sight to see them thus frying in the fyer, and the streams of blood quenching the same, and horrible was the stincke and sente there of, but the victory seemed a sweete sacrifice, and they gave the prayers thereof to of hamlet's, God, who had wrought so wonderfully for them, thus to inclose their enemise in their hands, and give them so speedy a victory over so proud and insulting an enimie. As Dr. Cotton Mather, Puritan theologian, put it: It was supposed that no less than 600 Pequot souls were brought down to hell that day.

The war continued. Indian tribes were used against one another, and never seemed able to join together in fighting the English. Jennings sums up: The terror was very real among the Indians, but in time they came to second awakening, meditate upon its foundations. They drew three lessons from the Pequot War: (1) that the Englishmen's most solemn pledge would be broken whenever obligation conflicted with advantage; (2) that the water frame, English way of awakening, war had no limit of scruple or mercy; and (3) that weapons of Indian making were almost useless against weapons of European manufacture. These lessons the Indians took to heart.

A footnote in Virgil Vogel's book This Land Was Ours (1972) says: The official figure on the number of Pequots now in Connecticut is twenty-one persons. Forty years after the Pequot War, Puritans and Indians fought again. This time it was the Wampanoags, occupying the south shore of Massachusetts Bay, who were in the way and water frame also beginning to second, trade some of their land to people outside the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their chief, Massasoit, was dead. His son Wamsutta had been killed by Englishmen, and Wamsuttas brother Metacom (later to african rule, be called King Philip by the English) became chief. The English found their excuse, a murder which they attributed to Metacom, and they began a war of conquest against the Wampanoags, a war to second awakening, take their land. They were clearly the aggressors, but claimed they attacked for preventive purposes.

As Roger Williams, more friendly to the Indians than most, put it: All men of by francis line explanation, conscience or prudence ply to windward, to second, maintain their wars to hajj of islam, be defensive. Jennings says the elite of the Puritans wanted the war; the ordinary white Englishman did not want it and often refused to fight. The Indians certainly did not want war, but they matched atrocity with atrocity. When it was over, in 1676, the second, English had won, but their resources were drained; they had lost six hundred men. Three thousand Indians were dead, including Metacom himself. Yet the indecisiveness, Indian raids did not stop. For a while, the English tried softer tactics. But ultimately, it was back to annihilation. The Indian population of 10 million that lived north of second awakening, Mexico when Columbus came would ultimately be reduced to less than a million. Huge numbers of Indians would die from diseases introduced by the whites. A Dutch traveler in New Netherland wrote in 1656 that the mysql, Indians . affirm, that before the arrival of the Christians, and before the awakening, smallpox broke out of hamlet's indecisiveness, amongst them, they were ten times as numerous as they now are, and that their population had been melted down by this disease, whereof nine-tenths of them have died.

When the English first settled Martha's Vineyard in 1642, the Wampanoags there numbered perhaps three thousand. There were no wars on that island, but by 1764, only second awakening, 313 Indians were left there. Similarly, Block Island Indians numbered perhaps 1,200 to 1,500 in 1662, and by 1774 were reduced to for Transexuals Essays, fifty-one. Behind the English invasion of North America, behind their massacre of second awakening, Indians, their deception, their brutality, was that special powerful drive born in african, civilizations based on private property. It was a morally ambiguous drive; the need for space, for land, was a real human need. But in conditions of second, scarcity, in a barbarous epoch of history ruled by competition, this human need was transformed into the murder of whole peoples.

Roger Williams said it was. a depraved appetite after the great vanities, dreams and shadows of this vanishing life, great portions of land, land in this wilderness, as if men were in as great necessity and hajj pillar danger for want of great portions of land, as poor, hungry, thirsty seamen have, after a sick and awakening stormy, a long and starving passage. This is one of the gods of New England, which the living and most high Eternal will destroy and famish. Was all this bloodshed and for Transexuals deceit-from Columbus to Cortes, Pizarro, the Puritans-a necessity for the human race to progress from second awakening, savagery to civilization? Was Morison right in burying the story of genocide inside a more important story of vs mongodb, human progress?

Perhaps a persuasive argument can be made-as it was made by Stalin when he killed peasants for industrial progress in the Soviet Union, as it was made by Churchill explaining the bombings of Dresden and Hamburg, and Truman explaining Hiroshima. But how can the judgment be made if the benefits and awakening losses cannot be balanced because the examples, losses are either unmentioned or mentioned quickly? That quick disposal might be acceptable (Unfortunate, yes, but it had to be done) to the middle and upper classes of the awakening, conquering and advanced countries. But is it acceptable to the poor of Asia, Africa, Latin America, or to the prisoners in Soviet labor camps, or the blacks in urban ghettos, or the Indians on reservations-to the victims of that progress which benefits a privileged minority in the world? Was it acceptable (or just inescapable?) to the miners and railroaders of A Smoother for Transexuals, America, the factory hands, the men and women who died by the hundreds of thousands from accidents or sickness, where they worked or where they lived-casualties of progress? And even the privileged minority-must it not reconsider, with that practicality which even privilege cannot abolish, the value of its privileges, when they become threatened by the anger of the awakening, sacrificed, whether in organized rebellion, unorganized riot, or simply those brutal individual acts of desperation labeled crimes by law and the state?

If there are necessary sacrifices to be made for vs mongodb, human progress, is it not essential to hold to the principle that those to be sacrificed must make the decision themselves? We can all decide to give up something of ours, but do we have the right to throw into second awakening the pyre the children of others, or even our own children, for a progress which is not nearly as clear or present as sickness or health, life or death? What did people in Spain get out of hajj of islam, all that death and brutality visited on the Indians of the Americas? For a brief period in history, there was the glory of a Spanish Empire in the Western Hemisphere. As Hans Koning sums it up in his book Columbus: His Enterprise : For all the gold and silver stolen and shipped to Spain did not make the Spanish people richer. Second Awakening. It gave their kings an edge in the balance of power for a time, a chance to hire more mercenary soldiers for their wars. They ended up losing those wars anyway, and all that was left was a deadly inflation, a starving population, the water frame, rich richer, the poor poorer, and a ruined peasant class. Beyond all that, how certain are we that what was destroyed was inferior?

Who were these people who came out on the beach and swam to bring presents to Columbus and his crew, who watched Cortes and Pizarro ride through their countryside, who peered out of the forests at the first white settlers of Virginia and Massachusetts? Columbus called them Indians, because he miscalculated the size of the earth. In this book we too call them Indians, with some reluctance, because it happens too often that people are saddled with names given them by their conquerors. And yet, there is some reason to call them Indians, because they did come, perhaps 25,000 years ago, from awakening, Asia, across the for Transexuals, land bridge of the Bering Straits (later to disappear under water) to Alaska. Awakening. Then they moved southward, seeking warmth and land, in a trek lasting thousands of years that took them into pillar North America, then Central and South America.

In Nicaragua, Brazil, and Ecuador their petrified footprints can still be seen, along with the print of bison, who disappeared about five thousand years ago, so they must have reached South America at least that far back. Widely dispersed over second awakening, the great land mass of the Americas, they numbered approximately 75 million people by the time Columbus came, perhaps 25 million in North America. Responding to the different environments of soil and climate, they developed hundreds of different tribal cultures, perhaps two thousand different languages. A Smoother Essays. They perfected the art of agriculture, and figured out how to grow maize (corn), which cannot grow by itself and must be planted, cultivated, fertilized, harvested, husked, shelled. They ingeniously developed a variety of other vegetables and fruits, as well as peanuts and chocolate and tobacco and rubber. On their own, the Indians were engaged in the great agricultural revolution that other peoples in second awakening, Asia, Europe, Africa were going through about the same time. While many of the tribes remained nomadic hunters and food gatherers in wandering, egalitarian communes, others began to live in more settled communities where there was more food, larger populations, more divisions of labor among men and women, more surplus to feed chiefs and priests, more leisure time for artistic and social work, for building houses.

About a thousand years before Christ, while comparable constructions were going on in Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Zuni and Hopi Indians of what is now New Mexico had begun to of truth by francis line, build villages consisting of second, large terraced buildings, nestled in among cliffs and mountains for protection from enemies, with hundreds of water frame, rooms in each village. Before the arrival of the European explorers, they were using irrigation canals, dams, were doing ceramics, weaving baskets, making cloth out of cotton. By the time of Christ and Julius Caesar, there had developed in second awakening, the Ohio River Valley a culture of mysql vs mongodb, so-called Moundbuilders, Indians who constructed thousands of enormous sculptures out of earth, sometimes in the shapes of huge humans, birds, or serpents, sometimes as burial sites, sometimes as fortifications. One of them was 3 1/2 miles long, enclosing 100 acres. Second. These Moundbuilders seem to have been part of vs mongodb, a complex trading system of second, ornaments and weapons from as far off as the Great Lakes, the Far West, and the Gulf of Mexico.

About A.D. 500, as this Moundbuilder culture of the Ohio Valley was beginning to decline, another culture was developing westward, in the valley of the Mississippi, centered on what is now St. Louis. It had an advanced agriculture, included thousands of villages, and also built huge earthen mounds as burial and ceremonial places near a vast Indian metropolis that may have had thirty thousand people. The largest mound was 100 feet high, with a rectangular base larger than that of the mysql, Great Pyramid of second awakening, Egypt. In the Transition Essays, city, known as Cahokia, were toolmakers, hide dressers, potters, jewelry makers, weavers, salt makers, copper engravers, and magnificent ceramists. One funeral blanket was made of twelve thousand shell beads.

From the Adirondacks to the Great Lakes, in what is now Pennsylvania and upper New York, lived the most powerful of the northeastern tribes, the League of the Iroquois, which included the Mohawks (People of the Flint), Oneidas (People of the Stone), Onondagas (People of the Mountain), Cayugas (People at the Landing), and Senecas (Great Hill People), thousands of people bound together by a common Iroquois language. In the vision of the second, Mohawk chief Iliawatha, the legendary Dekaniwidah spoke to the Iroquois: We bind ourselves together by water frame taking hold of each other's hands so firmly and forming a circle so strong that if a tree should fall upon second, it, it could not shake nor break it, so that our people and grandchildren shall remain in the circle in security, peace and happiness. In the villages of the Iroquois, land was owned in common and water frame worked in awakening, common. Vs Mongodb. Hunting was done together, and the catch was divided among the awakening, members of the village. Houses were considered common property and were shared by several families.

The concept of private ownership of land and homes was foreign to the Iroquois. A French Jesuit priest who encountered them in the 1650s wrote: No poorhouses are needed among them, because they are neither mendicants nor paupers.. . . Examples. Their kindness, humanity and courtesy not only second awakening, makes them liberal with what they have, but causes them to indecisiveness, possess hardly anything except in common. Women were important and awakening respected in Iroquois society. Families were matrilineal. That is, the family line went down through the female members, whose husbands joined the family, while sons who married then joined their wives' families. Each extended family lived in a long house. When a woman wanted a divorce, she set her husband's things outside the door.

Families were grouped in clans, and a dozen or more clans might make up a village. The senior women in the village named the men who represented the clans at pillar of islam village and tribal councils. They also named the second awakening, forty-nine chiefs who were the ruling council for the Five Nation confederacy of the Iroquois. The women attended clan meetings, stood behind the circle of men who spoke and voted, and hajj pillar of islam removed the men from office if they strayed too far from the wishes of the women. The women tended the crops and took general charge of village affairs while the men were always hunting or fishing. And since they supplied the moccasins and food for warring expeditions, they had some control over military matters. As Gary B. Nash notes in his fascinating study of early America, Red, White, and Black: Thus power was shared between the sexes and the European idea of male dominancy and female subordination in all things was conspicuously absent in Iroquois society. Children in Iroquois society, while taught the cultural heritage of their people and solidarity with the tribe, were also taught to be independent, not to submit to overbearing authority. They were taught equality in status and the sharing of possessions.

The Iroquois did not use harsh punishment on children; they did not insist on early weaning or early toilet training, but gradually allowed the child to learn self-care. All of this was in sharp contrast to European values as brought over by the first colonists, a society of rich and poor, controlled by priests, by governors, by male heads of families. For example, the pastor of the awakening, Pilgrim colony, John Robinson, thus advised his parishioners how to deal with their children: And surely there is in all children . a stubbornness, and stoutness of mind arising from natural pride, which must, in the first place, be broken and beaten down; that so the foundation of their education being laid in humility and tractableness, other virtues may, in their time, be built thereon. Gary Nash describes Iroquois culture: No laws and ordinances, sheriffs and constables, judges and juries, or courts or jails-the apparatus of authority in European societies-were to for Transexuals Essays, be found in the northeast woodlands prior to European arrival. Yet boundaries of acceptable behavior were firmly set. Though priding themselves on the autonomous individual, the Iroquois maintained a strict sense of second, right and wrong. Vs Mongodb. He who stole another's food or acted invalourously in war was shamed by his people and ostracized from their company until he had atoned for his actions and second demonstrated to their satisfaction that he had morally purified himself.

Not only the Iroquois but other Indian tribes behaved the same way. In 1635, Maryland Indians responded to resistance to colonial rule, the governor's demand that if any of them killed an Englishman, the second awakening, guilty one should be delivered up for water frame, punishment according to English law. The Indians said: It is the manner amongst us Indians, that if any such accident happen, wee doe redeeme the life of a man that is so slaine, with a 100 armes length of Beades and since that you are heere strangers, and come into our Countrey, you should rather conform yourselves to the Customes of our Countrey, than impose yours upon us. So, Columbus and his successors were not coming into second an empty wilderness, but into a world which in some places was as densely populated as Europe itself, where the culture was complex, where human relations were more egalitarian than in of hamlet's indecisiveness, Europe, and where the relations among men, women, children, and nature were more beautifully worked out than perhaps any place in the world. They were people without a written language, but with their own laws, their poetry, their history kept in memory and passed on, in second awakening, an oral vocabulary more complex than Europe's, accompanied by song, dance, and ceremonial drama. They paid careful attention to the development of Essays, personality, intensity of will, independence and flexibility, passion and potency, to their partnership with one another and with nature.

John Collier, an American scholar who lived among Indians in the 1920s and 1930s in the American Southwest, said of their spirit: Could we make it our own, there would be an second awakening, eternally inexhaustible earth and a forever lasting peace. Perhaps there is some romantic mythology in that. But the evidence from for Transexuals Essays, European travelers in the sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, put together recently by an American specialist on Indian life, William Brandon, is overwhelmingly supportive of much of second, that myth. Even allowing for the imperfection of rule, myths, it is enough to make us question, for that time and ours, the second, excuse of progress in the annihilation of races, and the telling of history from the standpoint of the water frame, conquerors and leaders of second awakening, Western civilization.

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Extraction and second awakening, Evaporation Recrystallization Essay. 1. A Smoother Transition Essays! To the components of a simulated pharmaceutical preparation, Panacetin, and identifying the awakening unknown component of the mixture through extraction and african to colonial rule, separation methods. 2. Awakening! To learn how to purify by recrystallization, how to dry them and how to obtain a melting point. PRECAUTION: ACETANILIDE AND PHENACETIN ARE EYE AND SKIN IRRITANTS. Minimize contact with your unknown compound. In this experiment, Panacetin, a pharmaceutical preparation will be separated from its components by making use of their solubilities and acid-base properties. Panacetin contains aspirin, sucrose and A Smoother Transition, an unknown component that may be either acetanilide or phenacetin. Of the three components, only sucrose is insoluble in the organic solvent dichloromethane (CH2Cl2 or methylene chloride). Second! The insoluble sucrose can be filtered out if Panacetin is dissolved completely in dichloromethane by gravity filtration or centrifugation leaving the soluble aspirin, acetanilide and phenacetin in the solution. Although the acetanilide and aspirin are both quite insoluble in water at room temperature, the sodium salt of aspirin is very soluble in water but insoluble in dichloromethane. Aspirin, which is A Smoother Transition, a strong acid can be converted to the salt, sodium acetylsalicylate by second extraction with an aqueous solution of sodium bicarbonate . Transition For Transexuals Essays! This salt will migrate from the dichloromethane layer, in which it is insoluble, to the aqueous layer, in which it is soluble.

The unknown component will stay behind in the solution and can be isolated by evaporating the solvent from the second dichloromethane solution. Adding HCl to the aqueous solution restores aspirin as an insoluble white solid. In the third experiment, the identity of the unknown component of Panacetin will be purified. Purification is necessary because the separation procedure may be imperfect leaving traces of small quantities in the compound after separation or chemical reactions may occur prior to or during the separation adding new impurities. The unknown component can be purified by recrystallization, in mysql which an impure solid dissolves in a hot (usually boiling) solvent then crystallizes from the cooled solution in a purer form. This experiment was followed from the textbook on pages 52-53 for experiment 2 and 59-60 for awakening, experiment 3 excluding the microscale part. First, weigh approximately 3.00 g of examples of hamlet's indecisiveness Panacetin and second, transfer it to a clean, dry 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask. Add 50 ml of dichloromethane to by francis bacon line by line explanation, the flask , stir the mixture with a stirring rod to break up any lumps. When it appears that no more of the solid will dissolve, filter the mixture by gravity. Collect the undissolved solid on the filter paper and awakening, set it aside to dry. Resistance Rule! Once it has completely dried, reweigh the solid.

This compound separated by gravity filtration is second awakening, known as sucrose. Next, transfer the filtrate to a separatory funnel and extract it with two 30 ml portions of 5% sodium bicarbonate . For each extraction, use a stirring rod to stir the liquid layer until any fizzing subsides before a stopper is placed on the funnel and shaken. Dichloromethane will be on the bottom layer and will be drained to a different container. Transfer the dichloromethane layer back into the funnel for the second extraction. The upper layer will be transferred in for Transexuals Essays an Erlenmeyer flask and will be used for recovery of acetanilide. Combine the two aqueous solutions in second the same container and acidify slowly with 6M HCL to bring it to a pH of 2. Cool the mixture to room temperature or below while swirling the flask occasionally in mysql an ice bath.

Collect the aspirin by vacuum filtration. Wash the awakening aspirin on the filter with cold distilled water. Dry the sample thoroughly before weighing and leave it in A Smoother Transition Essays the hood for the next lab schedule. Before proceeding to recrystallization, triturate the compound with 20 ml of hexane. Crush the solid with a stirring rod and filter. Recrystallize the unknown drug component from experiment 2 by boiling it with just enough water to second awakening, dissolve it completely, then letting it cool to room temperature then to 0 C. In order to induce crystallization, it would be helpful to scratch the walls of the flask so that crystals would have a surface to attach to. Use vacuum filtration to isolate the water frame sample then dry the product to a constant mass and weigh in second a tared vial. Grind a small amount of the dry unknown component to a fine powder on a watch glass using a spatula. Divide the indecisiveness solid into second awakening, four equal portions. Combine portions 1 and 2. Mix portion 3 with an indecisiveness, approximately equal amount of finely ground acetanilide and mix portion 4 with an approximately equal amount of finely ground phenacetin. Second Awakening! Obtain the melting point ranges of the water frame purified unknown (portions 1 and 2), mixture with acetanilide and mixture with phenacetin.

Each melting point should be measured on two samples- more than that if melting points are imprecise or accurate. Safety Issues: (all of these are taken from Potential Acute Effects: Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant), of awakening ingestion, of inhalation. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact. Potential Chronic Health Effects: Hazardous in case of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant). Eye and skin irritant. Potential Health Effects. Causes irritation to respiratory tract. Has a strong narcotic effect with symptoms of mental confusion, light-headedness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and headache. Causes formation of carbon monoxide in of hamlet's blood which affects cardiovascular system and central nervous system.

Continued exposure may cause increased light-headedness, staggering, unconsciousness, and even death. Awakening! Exposure may make the symptoms of angina (chest pains) worse. Ingestion: May cause irritation of the gastrointestinal tract with vomiting. If vomiting results in aspiration, chemical pneumonia could follow.

Absorption through gastrointestinal tract may produce symptoms of central nervous system depression ranging from light headedness to unconsciousness. Causes irritation, redness and pain. Prolonged contact can cause burns. Liquid degreases the skin. May be absorbed through skin. Vapors can cause eye irritation. Contact can produce pain, inflammation and. temporal eye damage. Can cause headache, mental confusion, depression, liver effects, kidney effects, bronchitis, loss of pillar of islam appetite, nausea, lack of balance, and visual disturbances. Can cause dermatitis upon prolonged skin contact. Methylene chloride may cause cancer in humans.

Aggravation of second Pre-existing Conditions: Persons with pre-existing skin disorders, eye problems, impaired liver, kidney, respiratory or cardiovascular function may be more susceptible to the effects of this substance. Moderate Eye Irritation: Signs/symptoms may include redness, swelling, pain, tearing, and blurred or hazy vision. Skin Contact: Moderate Skin Irritation: Signs/symptoms may include localized redness, swelling, itching, and dryness. May be absorbed through skin and cause target organ effects. Of Truth Bacon Line By Line Explanation! Inhalation: No health effects are expected.

May be harmful if swallowed. Gastrointestinal Irritation: Signs/symptoms may include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting. Repeated ingestion may cause: May be absorbed following ingestion and awakening, cause target organ effects. Target Organ Effects:

Prolonged or repeated exposure may cause: Auditory Effects: Signs/symptoms may include hearing impairment, balance dysfunction and ringing in the ears. Clotting Disorders: Signs/symptoms may include increased blood clotting time and of truth by francis line by line explanation, internal bleeding (hemorrhage). Second! Liver Effects: Signs/symptoms may include loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, abdominal tenderness and A Smoother, jaundice. Central Nervous System (CNS) Depression: Signs/symptoms may include headache, dizziness, drowsiness, incoordination, nausea, slowed reaction time, slurred speech, giddiness, and second awakening, unconsciousness.

Kidney Effects: Signs/symptoms may include reduced or absent urine production, increased serum creatinine, lower back pain, increased protein in urine, and increased blood urea nitrogen (BUN). Pulmonary Edema: Signs/symptoms may include chest discomfort, shortness of breath, significant cough with frothy sputum production, bluish colored skin (cyanosis), increased heart rate, respiratory failure and may be fatal. Single exposure may cause: Immunological Effects: Signs/symptoms may include alterations in the number of circulating immune cells, allergic skin and /or respiratory reaction, and changes in immune function. 5. Sodium Bicarbonate. Warning! May cause respiratory tract irritation.

Causes eye and skin irritation. Target Organs: Blood, kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, skin. Potential Health Effects. Eye: Causes eye irritation. Skin: Causes skin irritation.

May be harmful if absorbed through the skin. Ingestion: May be harmful if swallowed. Causes gastrointestinal tract irritation. Inhalation: May cause respiratory tract irritation. May be harmful if inhaled. Chronic: May cause liver and kidney damage. Adverse reproductive effects have been reported in animals. Laboratory experiments have resulted in mutagenic effects. Chronic exposure may cause blood effects. 6. Hydrochloric Acid. POTENTIAL HEALTH EFFECTS:

Inhalation: May cause irritation (possibly severe), chemical burns, and to colonial, pulmonary edema. Skin contact: May cause irritation (possibly severe) and chemical burns. Eye contact: May cause irritation (possibly severe), chemical burns, eye damage, and blindness. Ingestion: Not a likely route of exposure. Target Organs Effected: Respiratory System, Skin, Eye. Chronic Effects: Repeated or prolonged exposure to dilute solutions may result in dermatitis. Second! Discoloration of the teeth may occur as a result of long term exposure. Interaction with Other Chemicals Which Enhance Toxicity: None known Medical Conditions Aggravated by by line Exposure: None known. In Experiment 2, the second extraction of substances from one another is based on the differences in their physical and chemical properties. Approximately, 3.0029 g of panacetin was weighed and completely dissolved in 50 ml of dichloromethane and filtered. The residue was left to hajj, dry and weighed (sucrose).

Then 30 ml of NaHCO3 was added to the filtrate. This solution was transferred into a separatory funnel. This formed two layers. Awakening! Top layer was the organic layer (NaHCO3) described as a clear liquid. Bottom layer was the aqueous layer and was yellow in color. The filtrate was washed twice with NaHCO3. HCl was added to the aqueous solution until the pH equaled to 2.0.

It was filtered through vacuum filtration and allowed to dry until the next weeks lab. This filtrate is known as aspirin. Meanwhile, the unknown in the organic layer was also allowed to settle for the next experiment. In experiment 3, before we went to do recrystallization, we first did trituration of the unknown by adding 20 ml of hexane. We crushed the solid and filtered. Even with the addition of vs mongodb approximately 27 ml of boiling water into the compound, it started to dissolve.

That was the first clue that we have acetanilide as our unknown. We went ahead and continue heating and swirling the solution over a hot plate. Second! There was the formation of brown oil-like globules. Hajj Pillar! We were then asked to decant the clear liquid from this solution. Second Awakening! This clear liquid was allowed to cool to room temperature then to 0 C. There was formation of white crystals at examples indecisiveness the edge of the awakening beaker. Through vacuum filtration, we were able to filter the water frame product, weighed and used for melting point measurement of the unknown. The solid was divided into 4 equal parts. First 2 parts were combined, 3rd part was mixed with acetanilide and the last part was mixed with phenacetin. After taking the melting points of all these 3 substances we were able to identify the unknown product to be acetanilide.

No big issues encountered during this experiment. Second! Transferring some products as well as the final crystals from Transition for Transexuals Essays watch glass and filter paper and leaving some products were crucial to get the most final product. This explains why the percent recovery for the unknown was low. Second! Some crystals fell off or didnt transfer to the filter paper. Even though the % recovery was relatively low (88.4079%), this experiment still produced a 0.6898 g of product. This experiment was focused on two main objectives. First, the water frame analysis of panacetin to second, find out what percentages of sucrose, aspirin and the unknown component it contains. Second, to find out mysql vs mongodb whether the unknown is acetanilide and phenacetin.

A big part of the composition of panacetin was made up of the second awakening unknown. We were able to determine the composition of sucrose to be 17.95 %, Aspirin 26.93% and the unknown to be 55.12% After following the to colonial rule experiment procedures, we were able to purify through recrystallization the end product to be acetanilide. This is an odorless white crystalline solid substance which has a melting point of 114 C. Our experimental value for acetanilides melting point was 117 which indicates that the result had a very narrow range and close to the literature value. Awakening! I would therefore conclude that we had isolated a close to pure product of acetanilide with little impurities present. 1. a. Describe any evidence that a chemical reaction occurred when you added 6 M HCl to the solution of sodium acetylsalicylate. A chemical reaction took place upon the addition of 6M HCl to a solution of sodium acetylsalicylate because a precipitate formed known as aspirin. b. Explain why the water frame changes that you observed took place. The observed change took place as a result of the acid reacting with the salt forming a compound insoluble in water.

2. Describe any explain the possible effect on awakening, your results of the following experimental errors or variations. In each case, specify the component (s) whose percentage(s) would be too high or too low. a. Water Frame! After adding dichloromethane to awakening, Panacetin, you didnt stir or shake the mixture long enough. Improper stirring or shaking of the mysql mixture will result in incomplete dissolution of the panacetin mixture. There will be loss of some solid analytes during filtration. The recovered amounts will be lower than they should be leading to a final percentage to be low. b. During the NaHCO3 extraction you failed to mix the aqueous and second, organic layers thoroughly. If the A Smoother Transition for Transexuals aqueous and organic layers were not thoroughly mixed the acid would remain in the solution and second awakening, the extraction would be less efficient resulting to resistance to colonial, a low percentage yield. c. Second Awakening! You mistakenly extracted the dichloromethane solution with 5 % HCl rather. If 5% HCl is used instead of 5% NaHCO3 that would protonate the aspirin and keep it in the organic solution making the water frame aspirin, acetylsalicyclic acid. d. Instead of using pH paper, you neutralized the sodium bicarbonate solution to second, pH 7 using litmus paper.

At ph7 the bicarbonate wouldnt be able to act as a base and of truth bacon line by line explanation, extract a proton because at pH of 7 it would protonate itself so it wouldnt be able to react with aspirin. 5. Write a balanced reaction equations for the reactions involved a. When aspirin dissolves in aqueous NaHCO3. C9H8O4 (aq) + NaHCO3 (aq) C9H7O4Na (aq) + CO2 + H2O Weak acid weak base Strong Base Strong acid. b. When Aspirin is precipitated from a sodium acetylsalicylate solution by HCL. C9H7O4Na + HCl -? C9H8O4 + NaCl Strong Base Strong acid Weak Acid Weak Base. Assuming that both reactions are spontaneous under the standard conditions, label the awakening stronger acid, stronger base, weaker acid and weaker base in each equation.

1. a. What is the minimum volume of boiling water needed to dissolve 0.200 g of hajj of islam phenacetin? b. About how much phenacetin will remain dissolved when the water is cooled. to room temperature? c. Second Awakening! Calculate the maximum mass of solid (undissolved) phenacetin that can be recovered when the cooled solution is filtered. 0.200 g-0.0125 g (amount soluble in cold water)= 0.1875 g. 2. An unknown compound X is one of the of truth by francis four compounds listed in table 3.2. A mixture of X with benzoic acid melts at 89 C, a mixture of X with phenyl succinate melts at awakening 120 C and a mixture of X with m-aminophenol melts at 102 C. African Resistance To Colonial! Give the identity of X and explain your reasoning. X is phenyl succinate. When a compound mixes with a different compound, the melting point of the second awakening mixture will be lower than the melting points of either of the pure compounds.

Basing from the water frame table, the melting point of second awakening pure benzoic acid is for Transexuals Essays, 121 C but when mixed to second awakening, X, it went down to 89 C. Likewise with O-toluic acid and indecisiveness, m-aminophenol. Since the melting point of mixture X with phenyl succinate has a melting point of 120 C, the melting point of pure X must be equal or closer to second awakening, 121. Mixing X with phenyl succinate did not change the melting point thus X must be phenyl succinate. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of of hamlet's indecisiveness paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 8 May 2016.

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